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Severino!, por Nicolas Rouquette

TV Globo has a comedy program called "Zorra Total" that Tina and I used to watch many times. One of our favorite sketches comes from a TV director who is shooting a scene where, invariably, some prop is missing for one reason or another. To save time, the director asks Severino, the security guard, to play in the scene as a prop. Severino misunderstands the instructions but is soon swayed by the allure of the sexy girls in the scene. Severino's excitment spoils each take the director attempts to shoot.

I tried to find the scenes that Tina and I enjoyed. It seems that TV Globo only keeps the most recent episodes. I only found one that I can't remember us watching but I hope it does give you a good idea of the fun moments we shared.

This morning, I was listening to Léo Ferré's song: "Avec le temps, tout s'en va...". Sadly, even the best of Severino sketches Tina and I enjoyed seem to be gone as well.


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