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    May 02, 2007

    And the Awards Go To...

    My task, once I received my "Thinking Blogger Award," was to choose another five bloggers who make me think. That was hard, very hard. I know quite a few blogs, and read about 80 on a regular basis. The blogs I chose have had a positive impact in my life, beyond blogging.

    B12 Partners, by Seth Anderson, a.k.a. Swanksalot. Seth taught me most of the tech stuff I know, taught me how to say "No," and was my first link in Gringoland. A Canadian via U.of t. at Austin, based in Chicago, his B12 Partners reflects the variety of interests he has. From politics to music, Dylan Zappa and Tropicália, for example, to photography, his photos are fantabulastic, B12 Partners is an engaging blog. I was very impressed with its organization and style.
    For all B12 Partners is and for all Swanksalot has done, for readers and for me, Seth Anderson gets the Thinking Blogger Award.

    Swanksalot and I am part of a delicious network, which is where all these links come from. And Flickr, and last.fm, and Mybloglog.

    The other winners on my list are:

    • Andre Dahmer with his ... a lot of stuff. He is a cartoonist on the Net, with his Malvados.com.br. Along with the strip, mostly in three parts, there is the expression of the day, a sentence uttered by a Malvado ( Meanie) and then a llot more, including a blog. The blog is a blend of journal/communiqué to his readers, news of events involving other cartoonists, and some links of foreign artists in the visual arts realm.
    But that is not all. Andre Dahmer also makes part of the non-profit group, not an NGO, Rio Body Counts. They don't want money; they want reports of deaths due to crime in Rio de Janeiro State. This iniciative is a first in doing something concrete about Rio's pitiful situation. They say: "We don't believe in a peace with vigilance; we want social inclusion.
    He has a comment box called "False Democracy," which reveals the amount of patience he has, as readers feel they can diss anybody. His blogroll is called "Dangerous Links."
    Andre Dahmer has given me many lessons on life. He is patient, resigned, but carries a resolve to live life in a simpler way, looking at the brighter side of it. His mixture of work ethics and angst is a model to me. I couldn't leave the creator of Malvados off my list. I hope his paintings on canvas become as popular as the comic strip.

    • Alexandre Inagaki, with his Pensar Enlouquece blog.
    His blog was the first blog for grown-ups I read. His carefully crafted Portuguese, his detailed accounts filled with links impressed me so much I declared in a board I wanted to write like him. My dream was to be a link in his blogroll, a dream that came true on Christmas Day. HIs was tough love, but boy oh boy, I learned a lot. He is a visceral part of the new portal of blogs, Interney.net, which houses 20 blogs.

    • Eudes Honorato with his Rapadura Açucarada. has been my closest friend in Blogolândia. I admire him for many reasons. Eudes is a survivor. He comes from the 'burbs of Rio, which means he was very poor. He went out to a factory at an early age. I believe it was comic books that saved his life, somewhat like drawing saved R. Crumb's.
    One day nearly a year ago, I saw my readership grow, and grow, day after day. It was Eudes who had been promoting my stories, and had created my banner! He is generous this way.
    We met in Ipanema, I had the chance to know his family, aunt and beautiful wife, it was great. He's from the northeast, where everyone is strong, so it is said. What I know is he stuck to his guns last year, when my blogs were vandalized, and he continues to help me, with wisdom and love. Now he has a board on comic books, and I am happy for him. He doesn't make any money with his Rapadura.

    • Gabriela Zago, a serious babe from Rio Grande do Sul, a student of journalism and law, publishes her Ius Communicatio on a daily basis. Gabizago is part of my groups, Flickr, delicious, Mybloglog, last.fm. She is very energetic, her posts are short and varied, many are related to law. Her determination is an example for me to follow. She entered some contest to write a novel in English in so many days, 50,000 words. She finished her contest and she works so much, I feel inspired. In addition, she is cautious, which is good, for I am not. I just joined Stumble upon, I guess we will see each other there!

    April 27, 2007

    What is links for today?

    Nearly every day I pick links of news I think my readers will enjoy. As I have one blog in English, Anarchic_Universe, and another in Portuguese, the links are from sources in both languages.

    If you think that link will interest you, just click on it and it'll open. I am new to this system, too. It's great, though. My network consists of four bloggers, two here and two in Brazil. I guess I am the slowest to find stuff. All of the others are more experienced.

    So, when you see Portuguese commentary about the link, don't freak out. It may be a link in English whose comment is mine for Portuguese speaking bloggers.

    Isn't is kewl to read a selection of news made for you? I can't count how
    many blogs and newspapers I opened today to get my links for tomorrow, I hope you enjoy them.


    September 09, 2006

    Words of Advice

    We all know about Bill's hedonistic tendencies. Here they plan, Sandy Berger, the NS Adviser and Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State, to get bush for all Americans. I made this up.

    • Stay away from calling a woman fat. Even if asked, don't confirm the obvious. Don't go the other way in such extreme she'll get bent out of shape. A good way out is, "Honey, I love you, I love you, I love you, my eyes are blind; all I see is my love for you, bay- bee!"

    • Never provide photo, address, anything that can be used to locate or harm you or family. Would you like to wake up to photo-montages of you in an orgy and you didn't even enjoy the possible fun of it? Believe me, it's a very time consuming job to go trace the hosts of all possible versions of these pics and beg to have them removed.

    • Never provide information when participating in a board you will be sorry for if misconstrued elsewhere. Some board conversations do show up on the Net. Always think the Net is invasive, pervasive and blind to ethical issues. It's a machine or several machines.

    • Be ever so careful on MySpace, especially now that Google,Inc. has 900 million dollars in MySpace. I was reading a research paper on Google's orkut.com, a senior relationship site, plagued with xenophobia, racism, child porn and pedophilia, hate crimes, according to SaferNet.com, an NGO in Brazil. Their count is some tens of thousands of reports. Google never does anything about blog complaints or orkut. So, if you happen to get into a tight spot, and I did, don't say nobody told you.

    • There's nothing free. Blogger is free as it indexes more info for Google. Same as MySpace will have data analized for Google advertisements. That is where Google makes money. I moved to typepad.com and am very happy. It's worth evey cent I pay them. They are friendly, helpful and screen comments.

    • Never for a moment think you can really be annonymous on the Net and stay that way. Yesterday I glanced at a story on the cover of the Long Angles Tunes about a mystery. There was no mystery. A girl, Lonely117, started posting on Utoob, and the buzz about her was really big. Was she a fake? Y!
    Some techie tracked her IP straight to a very famous talent agency. Then it was found they already have a horror movie script in the works for Miss Fake.

    • Ultimately, trust those who know more than you do about the Net. I just got out, I hope, of a very ugly situation and deeply regret not having had more caution. Be safe, it is a jungle out there and law enforcement hasn't begun to understand what board, blog, relationship site, chat mean. They'll say they take reports of crimes, your complaint is not about a crime, and why don't you just get away from the Net?

    •The Net is for all. Just learn how to use it judicously. And that is all for now, just crossing my fingers ABC will listen to reason and pull this silly docudrama while there is time. The docu part is lies and the drama is the number of people who will believe it "because it's on TV...:P"

    If you'll click on Condi you will see how the Bushies were grilled in 2004

    September 05, 2006

    A quicky, not a quiche :)

    A woman is suing Google because she isn't receiving her AdSense money. AdSense are those little ads blogs display which when clicked send a few cents to the blogger. Google claims she clicked on the ads, which of course isn't kosher.
    She said she had to check if AdSense was working or not. I don't think the lawsuit is going to go anywhere.

    She had ad but no sense. Sorry, bad joke ?

    August 31, 2006

    Pre-Approved Comments!

    Happy Blog Day to all, both readers and bloggers. A great feature of blogs is the interaction between readers and bloggers made possible through comments. I started using pre-approved comments in January because of juvenile spam.
    Maybe the scars left by 21 years of rule by the Redentora military juntas in Brazil made other bloggers cringe at my decision in January. Although quite a few teen bloggers secretly erased a comment here and there, these young bloggers thought it was my Gringa paranoia the responsible for my decision.

    Today, Blog Day, August 31, 2006, the most well-known blog in Brazil, Pensar Enlouquece, by Alexandre Inagaki, features a story about a blogger whose blog was shut down in 2004 by request to autorities made by a powerful person who didn't like a comment. The blogger was given a hefty fine, and the case is being appealed. ( my words.) Alexandre Inagaki, with his customary finesse, explains to his readers why he will have pre-approved comments.

    I have gotten used to pre-approval, even to a system adopted by fellow Democrats who require username and password in order to read their blogs. At a time when most autorities don't understand the Internet and vandals take advantage of casual approaches of both big companies sponsoring blogs or relationship sites or casual comments of people who dare not be on the Net ... it is indeed better to be safe than to be sorry.

    I wish a happy Blog Day to my fellow bloggers, readers, and I hope for more education among both the powers of enforcement and legislators around the world. I hope more and more people grown confident in surfing the Net. With care nobody can drown! Pick a baloon and celebrate!

    A resourceful blogger makes some income so he can host his blog :P Click to enlarge, please.