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    February 25, 2008

    Dancing in the Street? La France and SAMOHI

    My son takes French at SAMOHI, as part of a cultural excellence only SMMUSD can provide.  He has a thirteen-year-old female penpal in Bordeaux, which is in the southwest of France. I know girls get curious about the birds and the bees earlier than boys; if you saw Juno you know exactly what I am talking about. Actually,  right after sucker moms and dads  voted  for more money for the Santa Monica-Malibu USD , administrators again  got a raise.  Teachers got the fuzzy end of the stick  as Marilyn said in Some Like It Hot.  They keep the bathrooms filthy as a sex abstinence practice. It takes a lot of urge to go to the toilet at SAMOHI. Certaily not in Dr. Hugo Pedroza's office.

    The penpal asked him if he liked la Tecktonik. Is that a nerd's drink?  Tech with tonic?  Naw, dudes and dudettes. Check it out.  To me it looks like a version of USA hip-hop danced without soul by bisexual teens without rhythm, rhyme or sense. It started in September, according to the first YouTubes posted. It's performed in the streets once a week by boys with boys and girls with girls. The dance also borrows the aggressive mock punches and karate moves of punk rock dance back in the 80s.
    It's popular in bigger centers of France: Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nice. It's popular with the 15-25 years of age group. Sarko-Fasho would call them voyous.(bums)

    They remind me of a remark made by a shrink who was my student of English in Brazil. "Nordic people don't have sex. They practice calisthenics."

    I leave here a couple of samples and ask you if you think this dance will take on here in the USA. Yes, No, Maybe?  Just curious (Yellow) Inside joke for baby boomers. That was an interesting movie.  BTW, some updates on Oscar© in Universo Anárquico®'s top post. Just click on the links and see what gives. I was happy the Oscars were distributed around the runners. Did you see javier Barden and his mamma? I know, I KNOW! (Craig Ferguson intonation there.)

    August 19, 2007

    Late Night T.V.

    Baby_tina2When at Saint John's Medical Centre, I O.D. on TV.  Promises of weight loss abound.  As big promises as my bunda [boo˜dah]

    I decided to try the FDR deal. famine. deprivation.repeat. Not that it was a cheap-O deal.  When I started I looked like this:
    The NYC Met Museum has great brunch.  What can I tell you?
    I am a foodie.

    Red_chairkitty_carslyle_0107 Moreover, in addition, also(weak!)
    I am spoiled like Kitty Carlysle, our cat.  Zee Ruler.

    At Saint John's there was a fuss over my using a credit card sent with delivery to Saint John's Room 42-42.

    FDR - The New Deal is fantabulastic (oh how dated, tina.)

    I'm gone to Rio de Janeiro's Pedra da Gávea ta chill in the winter sun.  FDR's food packages, rationing, this new deal allows me ta offer you my pin-up photo. I ate like a horse and never went hungry.  From a 469 lbs. wreck a Jibcrane wouldn't lift, I became a "Foxy Lady."  Albeit I miss being an L.A. woman, no city can beat the fun Rio de Janeiro offers. My friend "Botafogo Jorge" is wild.
    FDR-The New Deal!  Just a mere seven days.  Trial offer or your money back.  Weight not included.  back f'r sure. Includes S + H. (Sex with homo sapiens.)


    May 06, 2007

    France Gets Dupped; Just Another Day

    Bush changed history by rigging two elections. One in FLA and one in O-HIO. Brazilian millionaire Collor de Melo had his election rigged by Globo Network. Sarkozy had the media's support to the point his victorious photo, with his left palm open next to his head, vanished!

    The bubbly champagne Veuve Clicquot is being served at the White House; rumor has it our Leader has fallen off the wagon. Some day this week I read about it.America Blog.  Now there is his Miny-Me, le Petit-Moi en France  Heads or tails? Airheads and up-your-tails, my French friends  Sarkozy, who has already changed history when his first photo was changed has only begun his show. L'Imbecile is proud of his Petit-Moi.  Poison and perfume come in small containers. So they say. Sarkozy is no perfume.

    I remember a docu by BBC about the second most powerful TV network in the world, Globo, in Brazil. It shows the manipulation of its vast audience in the last days of the Collor, "you can call me a thief,and a coke toter," and Lula. Ségolène Royal had to debate the centrist candidate in the first round outside France.  These last days before the election it was said Mme. Royal would incite the people of color in case she lost to Mini-Moi. Check this docu out, little by little.  It tell the recent history of Brazil and the history of Globo.
    It's hosted @ Google Video  It begins in the late fifties and ends with the edited debate between charming Collor and angry commie-dumb Lula, in 1989.

    Check it outGlobo and Brazilian history.

    The photo was replaced:"Regarde ces deux liens où Sarkozy fait le même type de salutation qu'en fît Hitler. -- Nicolas. In French:

    WTF! Sarkozy's Hitler-like photo was changed!

    In French:


    In English

    You wouldn't believe it! Sarkozy's picture right after knowing he had won was changed. It's gone! I looked for it everywhere. He had his left palm high, open, next to his head, just like... Hitler. The photo is gone. I checked everywhere in Google News and in Google.fr. Certainly, history can be changed.

    The French have given us a beautiful anthem. Small consolation.Let's practice Marseillaise.  What's the weather like here today? Another sunny day in Southern California. You can learn the Marsellaise in tons of languages. Très kewl.

    What's Paris Hilton up to? I would say she is down not up. Ah, she is practicing eating cold chicken. And fried chicken. Nah! The biatch is trying on clothes! Hello, you'll get an orange uniform. Say goodbye to pink, babe. You know, jail is like school. Chicken , chicken , chiken. They fill inmates and kids with calories so they are calm. I didn't know about that when I was teaching. And I gained quite a few pounds. :P))

    Total bummer. Sarkozy won, my futebol team lost, Botafogo, the Glorious of the Lone Star. I am really down. Time for "School" with Nirvana.

    Photo cortesy Clive Williams,of MediaPie, Inc. e-mail:[email protected] 


    November 19, 2006

    Os Mutantes at a Globo Station Near You

    Yey! Os Mutantes recorded a show in Rio de Janeiro for Rede Bobo, to be televised in two instalments on Sunday evening Fantástico variety show.

    Ooopsie! Rita Lee, the nymphlike Mutante of past days went on a quite unelegant series of comments, one of those moments when one shouldn't have left the bed. She accused her former peers of being profiteers for their geriatric needs. Ipsis literis, "I am not going to be in a revival show, unless it were for a lot of money." From there she criticized Bono for having political causes, dissed rodeos, I felt embarassed for someone who participated in a movement that was definitely political, Tropicália. My husband, a French engineer summed it up as a mal baisée woman. Whatever. She claims to have stopped doing drugs. Maybe there lies the problem.

    She'll be 59 on 12/31, I think Arnaldo turned 58 on 7/6, so, frankly, so what, so what, so friggin' what? Dylan is 65, I was happy, so very happy to see him at the Long Beach Arena.

    Here is Panis et Circencis, which will be on Globo's Fantástico next Sunday. Look for people with Dish.

    Ah, the CD and DVD of this recent tour will be out before the holidays. The Brazilian leg of the tour should star on January 25, 2007, the anniversary of São Paulo City, likely at a venue by the Ipiranga River, where Brazilian Independence from Portugal was declared. More news on this later.

    September 25, 2006

    While the USA Watched Fox, Brazil Watches A FOX

    I do sincerely apologyze to my three readers: a very compassionate fellow blogger, Daddy Google, and someone in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.
    I won't say it's e.coli but it's been as potent. The only reason I did come post in my Brazilian language blog was another potent reason: Daniela Cicarelli.

    I can't believe I had no idea who she was seven days ago. Aha! In seven days God created woman and Brazilians re-created Daniela Cicarelli. Brazil is six days away from elections for president, a big job in our big sister country. Brazil's political system is a federation of states; the federal government has all the power, the states have administrative and some legislative power, but nothing like the USA.

    Daniela before her quite a few days of world fame was a VJay for EmpTv Brazil. And a model, and Ronaldo Fenômeno's wife for the grand total of 83 days. She's 5'8" and her other measurements are a total Ten. Pouty lips, beautiful bubble derièrre and revamped breast, just the way you wish your momma had had them.

    She and her boyfriend go to a beach in Spain, look very much in love and in lust. He gives her a third degree while they are on the sand and they walk together into the ocean.

    There we see her bobbing up and down while grabbing on to him. Either she is in communication with the spirits in the sky or she is in communication with fluids in the water.

    Relevant topics in Brazil. Did I say elections are in six days or did you understand erections for six days?


    --She's going to dump the guy. Marry the guy. None of the above.

    --It's been said she is suing everybody who published the clip. She is suing only the paparazzo who filmed it and the first distributor. She ain't suing she is happy.

    --Was it really a paparazzo? Previous interviews with her publicist indicate she needed a boost, oops, I would rephrase that.

    --Ford fired her. Some other publicity company fired her.

    --How dirty to do it in the water of the ocean.

    --How dirty to do it in front of others.

    --It is illegal to do it in public places in Brazil. That was an attention-hungry lawyer, forgetting Brazil is the capital of bagunça ( mess ) bah-GOON-ssah.

    --What a slut ( I wish I had her.)

    --What a slut ( I wish I were her.)

    The immediate result of all this is that Brazil has become number one country in number of You Tube users, overtaking Spain. You Tube had to terminate all videos of Daniela they could find, but law-abiding Brazilians just replaced those as quickly as they were brought down. I saw the video in many sites of Google Image, just type

    Daniela Cicarelli

    There are many photos and some URLs of the romantic soft porn video. I hope she becomes a really big TV personality so her life is easy for good. At least she slapped the boys silly with the notion women also like it.

    In the meantime, I found a great video documentary BBC made, banned in Brazil, banned from the Net. I watched it, the images are haunting. It's a Google video now, you can bookmark it and see it little by little. It tells of the history of TV in Brazil, and Brazilian history, from 1955 to 1989. It shows the growth of Rede Bobo, I mean Globo, and how it manipulated a second debate in 1989 between Collor de Mello and Lula. Lula lost. Call a Brazilianist to help you out. You won't be sorry.

    Did I say manipulation? Did I say TV? Did you watch Fox last night?

    Bubba was pissed off, it was kinda funny to watch him be so presidential and refrain from foul language. I watched Daniela instead. Just joking. It was quite funny how this reader of a blog asks about this video and so many friends of mine are commenting they had seen a part of it, but...

    Watch The Making of Rede BOBO, Number 2 in the World

    September 10, 2006

    Tina's Arabian Nights

    One day a sultan got very angry he caught his wife with a slave. All they were doing was carrying a little talk about the birds and the bees. The sultan, enraged, pulled his sword and killed the two while they counted up to sixty-nine.

    He swore he would have a young maiden, as pure as freshly fallen snow, every night a different one, and after taking advantage of her he would kill her.

    This routine went on for a while until his Secretary of State couldn't find not even a harlot for the sultan. The Secretary of State, Cond'hom Alreahiceah, started crying, fearing death. The fearless daughter of the Secretary of State,
    Sh'am-less' Hal-bloggah, voluntereed to go spend the night with the ruthless sultan and swore she would stay alive for many nights.

    This is the beginning of the Arabian Nights, 1001 Nights. They didin't like exact numbers, ancient Arabs. Disney /ABC don't like exact anything.

    And, in my best Forrest Gump mode, I declare that's the end of that. Or have I seen these tactics before as in the Swift Boat, the flip-flopper, the trashing of the White House by the Clintonians ?