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    May 04, 2008

    How Inclusive Is Barack Obama?

    I don't know what to attribute to the surprise so many talking heads show at Rev. Wright's "inflamed rhetoric." My friend who is an older and wiser person than I goes with the same line of thinking: conspiracy theories, oppression of African-Americans, AIDS scientists inoculating people straight from monkeys. Clinton is an SOB for encarcerating 25 million blacks.
    If Obama is excluding the older generation of blacks, I find his attitude as calculating as many other ones before he became a media/Blogsville darling.

    And that is all I have to say about that. Botafogo starts in an hour. I already took my photo for a Brazilianist's blog in case the Lone Star team loses the State championship. I said and am a womin of my word I would pose with the red and black colors of our arch-rival Flamengo. Below, the real scoop on Tim Walker. My way.

    Click to enlarge.Viracasaca_2

    April 22, 2008

    Pennsylvania; Now Indiana


    April 04, 2008

    A Reference Quote

    Senator Lloyd Bentsen told Dan Quayle off on TV, in one great moment for the party. Well, I know of Dr. Martin Luther King, read his books, listened to his speeches.

    Senator Obama, you are not a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. See post above.

    March 06, 2008

    The "Left" the "New Left" and "Liberals"

    When I arrived here, August 1985, I was too naïve from my Brazilian experience to understand the political machine. So, for years I voted for the Peace and Freedom Party. Have you ever heard of them? There you have it. When Bill Clinton ran in 1992, I voted for Jerry Brown in the primaries.

    Then I surrendered to the Democratic tradition in my USA family, Daddy being a first generation American. I was very enthusiastic during the first Clinton-Gore adminstration. We had two grants approved, one state for technology and another federal, under Title VII, which brought a lot of money into the school. And Macintoshes.
    During the second administration, do you believe I believed Bill Clinton, as did Hillary, when he went to the press and said, "That woman..." However, nobody was as dogged as were the Clintons.

    Now I must rest and will return. Later. Inspired by PFP and a post I wrote for Universo Anárquico, I will leave you with SLOT, a Russian band. The songstress reminds me of Pat Benatar's angst; there is some U2 in their music, I think.

    the Left is waht I was when I got here. The New Left were those who realized the horrors of the Stalin era; liberals are the ones in ACLU, and I am a proud member of this organization.

    Hillary and Bill? They are not liberals or lefties, never been. They are centrists, they go with the flow.
    With you, SLOT, a kinda new wave-emo band, singing "Two Wars" 2 VOINY

    March 04, 2008

    Saint Jack? I never said "I told you so..."

    I am very happy for my bitch. Isn't she something?  There was a brou-ha-ha in TX keeping Hillary voters outside.  No matter. I am not a pundit, I am not a poli-sci person. Eat my shirt. CNN says she is the projected winner for Texas. Ohio, Rhode Island, not bad, not bad for a loser.

    I'm not going to wait for all the rest. I would like to thank the Academy. I, too, was a stripper in my past life in Ohio.  My screenplay isn't out yet, just my husband.
    Good night, my naughty monkeys. Go Craig Ferguson. One for the USA. Good morning Europe and Elsewhere.

    March 02, 2008

    It Ain't Over Yet-- Hillary 2008

    Thanks, Tom Watson, for the video, named Jack and Hill.

    January 24, 2008

    It's O-ver, It's O-ver, it's O-ver!

    How about this? Click and you'll see what I mean. For a Democrat to have praised the Great Communicator, who tattled on so many in show business was a fatal mistake. He who suppported the Contras, whose war reduced NIcaragua to a country where the streets have no names. Ronald Reagan, who named names in Hollywood. What an accomplished leader, f'r shure.

    Click on this link, I just got it in from ... Click and you'll see. Now tell me more about fairy tales of gathering millions on campaign money thru donations of twenty or twenty-five bucks. It's pouring here. As Craig Ferguson said last night only in Los Angeles rain opens the news.
    I hope you dig this song. I do.

    January 13, 2008

    You Know Your Primaries Are Around the Corner When

    Good day to all. Spring must be around the corner. I just saw two butterflies doing it. They are the first ones to show up at springtime, black with yellow trim wings. They look like one, shake together for a while and that's it.

    You know the primaries are aroudn the corner in  California when:
    • An evangelical group rings the gate bell.

    • The Catholic Church where I go, for minorities, also remembers I exist and two volunteers ring the doorbell.

    • You get spammed with John Kerry's mail for Obama.

    • You get mail from the DNC (again.)

    • The gatebell rings. This time it's an unidentified group supporting the write-in vote for Space Cadets.

    • The phone rings. It's the cops from San Jose. A contribution, please.

    • Another evangelical group rings the gate bell. They explain they are for the empowerment of the human race before the end of times. (Will that be if a woman breaks the presidential glass ceiling?)

    • A West Hollywood single-sex group rings the gate bell. They want you to support their rights. No problema but there's nothing about their rights on the ballot. That's okay, they wanted to make it a point they exist. Okay, best wishes.

    • Suddenly a taco stand opens by your gate bell.

    • More people keep on ringing the gate bell.

    • You make a stand and hang your "Hillary Prez or Bust!" homemade poster on  your window.

    • Not a good idea. Busted.

    • Call someone to replace broken window pane.

    • Surrender to the tacos and buy ten.

    • The  gatebell  rings.  It's  the police.  They bust the  taco vendor.  Take notes  on the  window incident. Ask me if  I am  sure  I  want to vote  for  a woman  with a shrill voice whose husband...  I start weeping.  They turn their back to me and  leave.

    • The Fire  Dept. comes  to control a flood of tears.  This is  how politically correct my city is. Imagine if this were Malibu.

    • I scribble a big poster with the words "God bless the USA." And mute my gate bell.

    Just a quick note. We found a hummingbird nest, empty already. Spring is on the corner, after the primaries.
    A good day to all.  Bob Dylan sings at a tribute concert for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a different rendition of "I Shall Be Released."

    January 12, 2008

    Is Hillary Clinton Being Lynched ? Absolutely!

    I found it amusing to read comments in Tom Watson's comment section complaining about the use of the verb lynch related to Hillary Clinton as if lynching were an act only USA slaves had been victims of. In this time of politically correct attitudes, I don't know what they want to call what is happening to Hillary's campaign and Bill Clinton's administration's legacy.
    I was a teacher during the eight years of Clinton-Gore. I remember. The Civil Rights Act Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. fought and gave his life for, and President Johnson signed into law was still the law of this country during the 1992-2000 era. Hispanics and any other linguistic minority group had the right to participate in schools in their home language and have their children taught in bilingual education. The poorer children had Title I services to give them a leg up in school. Title VII, the one that protects you by national origin, race, religion, and Title I, the help for disadvantaged people were present in all schools.
    These laws have been changed by our Fearless Leader. The approach to education is No Child Left Behind, yes, a bipartisan effort to make all kids think the same and act the same. In the meantime, the Bushes created a kit to teach to NCLB, C.O.W.S. at a nearly four thousand dollars a pop. In Special Ed. new constraints are a joke denied to kids who need support.

    And then, this mindless nation, whose memory goes away at hearing about a sale at K-Mart, these kids who were toddlers in the Golden Era of Clinton-Gore, buy any crap sold in the media or thru Barack Obama's campaign. The guy is so cruel he kicked out all the old time leaders in his district. "They don't know how to write a petition." It's sad to see Hillary clobbered and yes, lynched by politicos and all of this macho society who refuse to accept a woman who can think. I know how it feels -- been there done that in a much much minor way, as a student activist in Brazil.

    Hillary has a program, experience and willpower to get there. And I love the idea of having President Bill  Clinton back in the White House. At least we know the Oval Office will be pristine while Hillary is there.

    In France, when Mitterand, the former president of France, went to meet his Maker, both his wife and his mistress were present at the funeral. B.F.D.  I know we have Judge Hathorne's vindictive blood in our veins, but why not change that? Why not stop the lynching for a minute to think about our country?

    I understand we also have mercantile roots that drove East Coast merchants to go around the tip of South America to trade cow hide, tallow and other goodies Californios had to offer. Americans are also very creative when it comes to commerce.

    Stop bashing Hillary and take a look at what went on not too long ago and what has been going on for too long here in our country. If you find me wrong, go ahead, and lynch me. If you are a baby-boomer like me, the video hand-picked for this post will be a blast from the past. If you are young, listen to the awesome Richie Havens sing "Freedom/Motherless Child". I had the honor of meeting him in person in Rio and then here at McCabe's a few years ago. He has teeth now. A très kewl individual from our purple USA as Barack Obama would say.

    January 10, 2008

    Hillary, yey!

    I am so sorry I am so late in saying hello. I am suffering from severe TV intoxication. In addition, all kinds of snoops have been calling. I must find a way to be more incisive and tell them to jump in the lake.

    Anyway, my several pain in the neck incidents today are nothing compared to the joy of having voted already, marking my absentee ballot for Hillary.  I am still having difficulty retrieving my yahoo password; stuff that happens to someone who changes computers unexpectedly.

    All I can do now is let Hillary speak for herself. I am so sick and tired of "Christians" who keep grudges and don't comprehend charity. So, bask with me, again, in Hillary's programmatic victory speech. If I wanted a preacher I would go to church. I am sick and tired of all of you who equal Clinton-Gore to the Bushes. Eat sh* A-holes and tell me the difference between that and roses.