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    March 04, 2008

    Birds of Paradise, Passion Fruit Vine, Garden

    "Romantic garden"
    Birds of paradise, passion fruit vine in back

    December 09, 2007

    links for 2007-12-09

    September 14, 2007


    Originally uploaded by anarchic_universe
    This photo and quote made it into Google indexing. If you click on the photo you'll see the comments and in blue "Ma'am". If you click you'll go to the indexing site.

    Oh, the glory of the glorious Botafogo!

    Tag: Photo--Blogging, Flickr

    August 28, 2007

    Two Friends, in the Wee Hours: Whiting, IN v. BP #6

    Two Peas in a Yeah, yeah , yeah...

    >Let's resume our physics on connecting bodies of water tomorrow, shall we?  Geesh, we look spent after hours of blabbing our hearts away, yaketty, yaketty about old times and now; that is, four years ago. Have you ever seen thin bourgeoisie?  Nahh, except for the ana-mia crowd who become invisible when turning their profile to you.  At USC, DADO had arrived on a combination of scholarships, loans and grants. I had an Assistant Lecturer position. I wanted to be alone. We were roommates. She taught me the ins & outs of American rock. I was into UK 80s.

    We were roommates by a gross error of 'SC's. The tower was for undergrads only. I never saw so much filth as in the corridors or elevators during the weekend. Alcohol, pizza boxes, University of Spoiled Children.  We worked , she'd correct my slight accent from abroad, I worried sick. It's a big world out there.

    DADO gave me a Mr. Peanut doll. I have it still. "Ta make you company," said she.                              


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    August 23, 2007

    fervenza_madanela 495

    fervenza_madanela 495
    Originally uploaded by dorvisou

    I found Dorvisou in technorati.com. Galizia is a region whose capital is Santiago de Compostela, Buñuel's Milky Way.

    In Portuguese we have two words for waterfall. In addition, it can mean "empty talk." When Carlinhos Cachoeira or Waterfall made page 3 of the Lost Angles Times I waited and asked casually whether the guy was Carlinhos Cachoeira or Carlinhos Cascata.

    I'll be. Can't recall the answer. Blog Dorvisou in blogroll.

    August 18, 2007

    Vine, Cora, Andre Dahmer, B12

    Originally uploaded by anarchic_universe

    Click to embiggen.

    I'll be using Cora Rónai's method, from InterETC.. She leaves her cell. photos posted, one/hour. It's the 30,000 readers who decide what's what.

    This vine is a .....? Please fill in the blanks in the comments.

    Cora's blog has the most talked about map in the past two weeks:
    The Grand Dahmer Map of the Brazilian Blogsphere crafted by Andre Dahmer, the owner of malvados.com.br -- The comic strip banner right there, to the left.
    The map comes with live links that take you straight to the chosen 117 blogs. My Universo Anárquico is there! A puny li'l island. I feel happy about that.

    Finally, B 12 Solipsm's insistence to prove how beautiful Chicago is. Tr00. It's my Second City, nicer than NYC, my hometown. Click on the link and on the photos to embiggen.(His expression.)

    This is Anarchic_Universe, straight from SMonica, Ipanema, US-Brasil.


    August 17, 2007

    A Brazilian Porquoi Tale -- The Cat and the Jaguar

    Porquoi tale - O pulo do gato

    This is a pourquoi tale. These tales try to explain why certain things are the way they are. They involve animals, generally. Many may have African-French roots in a combination of scientific albeit casual observation of Nature and philosophy, one of many of the pastimes of the French.

    This story is Made in Brazil. I learned it as a child from Monteiro Lobato, a literary genius who influenced all of the baby-boomers who could read back then. His series of books became a TV Globo series. Silence, please.

    The Cat and the Jaguar

    One dusk, for you know cats sleep during daytime, the jaguar, Cousin Onza, sat looking at Cousin Cat. Cat jumped and exercised, getting ready, perhaps, for a juicy rodent. Onza, a big jaguar, felt a pang in his empty stomach.
    He approached Cousin Cat, speaking mellifluously,

    "Cousin, you do jump so well. Won't you teach me how to jump, pretty please with juicy flesh on top?" And Onza licked his chops in anticipation.
    "Aw, Cousin, I know nothing next to you," retorted Cat, well aware flattering the powerful worked wonders.
    "So, will you teach me or what?" Cousin Onza asked imperiously, as if he were Darth Vader.

    "Tomorrow we start. At early dusk." They shook paws.

    Everyday, for weeks, Cousin Onza practiced gazillions of jumps with Cousin Cat, getting hungrier and hungrier by the jump modality he learned.

    One early dusk, Cousin Onza felt he was finally ready for his gourmand meal, his Cousin Cat. When Cousin Cat was approaching their usual rendez-vous site, he realized Cousin Onza looked quite content, unlike his usual sourpuss self.

    Before Cousin Cat would have known, Cousin Onza jumped on him. To Cousin Onza's surprise, Cousin Cat had jumped sideways and was gone before you could say "bush!"

    Cousin Onza looked all over the place. He growled to the sky, "How come YOU never taught me this jump?" It was dark, yet a voice could be heard. No doubt it was Cousin Cat's. Or was it?

    "Cousin Onza, this is the Jump-of-the-Cat™; we have the trademark on that one."

    ©Anarchic_Universe, 2007

    May 27, 2007

    Number 7 Santa Monica Bus

    We are proud of being Santa Monicans. It's true the city is getting gentrified. Gentrification makes it less diverse and dull. There are kewl features of SM la république socialiste sur la mer. We have a great environment conscious infra-structure, from bus lines to recycling. We're a small town of roughly 85, 000 nuts. Our weather is milder than elsewhere in Greater Los Angeles, we are at the end of Route 66, at the California Incline. The school system is great because dedicated teachers make it so. Unfortunately many are retiring. Special Ed. services suck. The administration is way bloated. Gas-Lax, you guys? When kids from the less wealthy side, serviced by the #7 bus, join the wealthier ones, from the north side, there is a nice feel of possible integration. SAMOHI had Sea Penn and is late brother in class, the cildren of Martin Sheen, we are a star studded town, home to a Kennedy, for one. Nah, not Cory Kennedy, the real Kennedy at City Council.

    Despite the changes in its façades, despite Frank Ghery, Santa Monica still has quite a few "modern" structures and puny bungalows. If I could I would bike around. If you visit my set, you can see the "sperm lights." Holbrook wants us to keep growing, I'll say. Don't forget the contest or Instant Karma

    The bus is only a few blocks away form either the beach or Los Angeles.

    Wow, such a nice day, I gotta go. Enlarge for the secret message;P

    May 21, 2007

    Life's Too Short

      Life's Too Short 
      Originally uploaded by swanksalot.

    This photo is by Seth Anderson, who got a Thinking Blogger Award, but mummed about it. My blogging content about the photo isn't necessarily endorsed by Seth Anderson, aka Swanksalot, who can be found at my favorite USA blog, 
    B12Partners. Click, you're there.

    Swanksalot can be found at Flickr. I chose this photo for personal reasons. I don't count on Paradise or a reincarnation.Another Thinking Blogger told me to focus on my work and isolate the rest.The bugs. The bad vibes.This blogger meant the bugs who feed on put-downs.

    Serendipity sent me back to Flickr. I needed the message.

    Good day, evening to all. Catch ya later?

    Tina Oiticica Harris/tinovska/anarchic_universe





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