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    September 25, 2007

    Loki - Arnaldo Baptista and Moisés Santana


    July 20, 2007

    Arnaldo Dias Baptista - Let It Bed - 2004

    A link I left from the NY Times has a short interview with Arnaldo Baptista in which his accident is mentioned.  I knew him and the others way back when there was no drug use, practically, among them.  In the interview and other e-zines I read last night I learned how serious the accident was.  He fell head on from a fourth floor, was in a coma, and for several years had serious motor impairments.  He knows this accident has left lifetime sequels. As he said, "You can't always get what you want."  As in the LP "Let It Bleed", by the Stones, one of my favorite ones too.

    Arnaldo had been in and out of facilities since 1972.  The accident was in 1982. I feel very grateful to his companion, Lucinha, for taking care of what he can't or won't.  He was always stubborn. The brothers bickered about guitars. Arnaldo would not play in a band that used Fenders.  Sérgio gave in.  He uses the golden Regulus their brother Cláudio built.

    I want to  show a video I found of Arnaldo playing a standard piano in 2004, the year Lobão and Pato Fu released "Let It Bed."  It's quite impressive. It's called "Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy". Hey, I'm crazy , too, dude.

    May 17, 2007

    I Was About to Plug a New Book on Os Mutantes When...

    Award_2 The link for Os Mutantes book, in Portuguese, is in my Universo Anárquico. Ever since Alexandre Inagaki, the excellence in blogger writing, wrote about Ilker Yoldas a few days ago, I wanted to find out if it was a he or a she.  The name is Turkish. Ilker is a blogging phenomenum.  In a few months, with a very well-designed blog, little give away toys for bloggers, Ilker became a top ranking blogger.  The doubt till yesterday, when  I searched Google for Ilker first name gender Turkish, and found out it was a male name.

    In LogMyBLog, where bloggers add blogs galore to their "community," I found Ilker.  Both The Thinking Blogger award created in February and LogMyBlog are based on memes, somewhat.  After the Thinking Blogger Award has gone around the world, something else will come up.

    I posted my findings on Ilker's blog yesterday.  When  I went back to check it out there was a maybe yes, maybe not answer from Ilker.  After a cordial mail exchange with a polished person, fluent in Portuguese, English, and who knows how many laguages, Ilker Yoldas send me a link about the not-so-secret revelation.  The Thinking Blog, authored by Ilker, is visually appealing, posts daily, and gives away small token gifts or bigger ones.  The blog is a phenomenum in its exponencial growth. Havinf traveled all over the world, Ilker has master the necessary diplomatic skills and languages to survive and rule in the blogosphere.

    While writing about Os Mutantes, Paulo Henriques Britto's work translated into English, the Lost Angeles Times, I got mail from Ilker. and a comment, which was nice. If only more people would say, "Good job, biatch," I would feel happier about this blog.

    I'm not crazy about aggressive/insensitive humor. However, the suspension of two DJs for laughing at a joke on sex acts among public figures is quite unsusual.  Today I saw a mother crying over a Spangled Banner draped coffin. Big color photo on the upper cover of the LosT Angles Times. Wolfowitch received severance pay and resigned.  Median home price in L.A. county?
    540 K.  Food and gas went up.

    Amazon.com wants to pop its cherry in the MP3 business.  Apple is da bomb. Fuggeddaboutit.

    Amazon says she will let it up to user on copying music. Umm, in these 1984ish days, I am not so sure.

    Finally, the immigration bill passed Senate.  It is quite selective, akin to Sarko-facho.  Mexico prudently pull back on the infamous war on drugs. They fear, and very rightly so, the soldiers would soon be corrupted by the druglords.

    April 25, 2007

    Os Mutantes Tour Brazil


    Unfortunately, I missed their show in Belo Horizonte the capital city of Minas Gerais State. I am sure it was one more lovefest among the band and older fans and new fans.

    The band is playing even better than last year. Practice makes perfect, which is why I recommend experienced women whose useless little pudenda skin piece has been popped. I am referring to the hymen.

    So here are a few videos I just got in my mail.

    • 2001, a song written by Rita Lee and Tom Zé for a festival. Zélia Duncan has been great. The rhythm is characteristic of São Paulo country music, and so is the accent they put on for the song. The sounds between part one and two are from 2001 A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick. Added to those, in the best of Tropicália geléia geral are the typical 50s-60s tchoo-be-tchoo-yeahs of so many melodic rock groups.

    2001 in Belo Horizonte, Os Mutantes

    •Ando Meio Desligado Another song performed at a festival, this version shows guitar and keyboard solos by Arnaldo Baptista and Sergio Dias.

    Ando meio desligado

    •Final Thanks of the Whole Group. Too Short, check Arnaldo Baptista flexing.

    If you would like to search for more stuff, go to YouTube and send Os Mutantes. There are many recent shows. Try Os Mutantes Rio de Janeiro, Os Mutantes São Paulo, Os Mutantes Recife and Os Mutantes on TV.

    See you!