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    May 26, 2008

    Hello, Is It Me You're looking For?

    The song performed by Lionel Ritchie was a true hit. "Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?" was a cross-over song, popular with pre-teens and older people. I had never seen the video, which somewhat changed my perception of the song.
    But it's not me you are looking for. I am very blue, not in the Democratic v. Republican sense. I am saddened by yet another death, this time dona Leda's, the mother of two friends of mine, who in a short while became orphans. Their father, an over-achieving telecommunications engineer, the pioneer of TV in Brazil, died of Alzheimer a few months ago. His younger son's insight spared us from052007_1343 seeing Mommy shrink in a bed, her self long time gone.
    Mommy signed a living will determining no invasive medicine should try to make her live.
    Dona Leda died shortly after her husband of over six decades passed away. There is nothing we can do when they don't want to live anymore, I guess.
    With them is gone a part of my own history as a Carioca, a part of the history of music and cinema.
    So, I feel sad, and that, too shall pass.

    To a better time with our anarchic_universe del.ico.us links!

    May 05, 2008

    Videos Courtesy KCLA - Ferris Wheel and Teacher


    In Brazil, masses travel to the site where a Caucasian middle class child fell or was thrown off a window. We, humans, are far from humane. Mark Twain was so right about our evil.
    The scandal in Santa Monica's north side of town, the alleged molestation of one girl by an SMMUSD's ESL teacher, Lincoln M.S. being in the affluent side of the tracks, comes along with two murders last week, also in this area.
    Who knows the Pico neighborhood, our little  ghetto, will be just like the north side one day?

    March 08, 2008

    For Tomorrow Is Another Day; Yikes!(Rant)

    When I say Blogsville in Brazil is a complicated issue, for pete's sake, it is!  I have worked a lot on my blogs, I like what's rest of a social life for me, having had  one illness after another since July 99,  but I don't have Hillary's stomach. So, today I got a rant-post in Brazil dedicated to dissing me. Gee-whiz. It took me only 18 months at my new address to get where I am. There is a generation who lived the days of mIRC or this or that, are in their thirties, which defines Obamaniacs (on one end and millennium kids on the other.) Add these to the juvenile bloggers, the fact I am independent and live here in the USA, of which I am a proud citizen, and use MAcs, life gets tough.

    I must thank Seth A. my oldest link and teacher of a few musts. And Tom Watson for the number of other blogs I got to know through new critics. Freaky Deaky, another old-timer, responsible for most comments, who accepted me in his team with open arms.

    I hate to think of tomorrow, when my husband flies out to an aerospace conference in D.C. He is the consummate space cadet, strictu and latu sensu.
    He is Nicolas F. Rouquette, Pile_Higher_Deeper.

    All things must pass, and all this anger will too. After all, my mother is still alive, my son is studying seriously, and my husband and I have realtime for each other after 21 years. Below, our 13th wedding anniversary. End of party, when  Martha changes, from Albee's "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." That is my "sleazy bar." Alas!  I don't  drink anymore. We call it the "Pulp Fiction" bar.
    There, a small ego-trip and I feel better. Don't forget our del.icio.us links!

    April 27, 2007

    Who is Nicolas Sarkozy?


    I understand we have our own problemas and they are not small. Education, social security, unemployment, the war, transportation, growing deficit, health insurance, mortgages, entertainment industry ( "It warn't me, " they'll say.)
    And I didn't include the troubled lives of our former PWT, I mean, our celebs.

    However, my countrymen and women, it is vital that Americans start reading about the rest of the world, especially in our days of globalization. Did you know Mexicans working here send more money to Mexico than all the money made by industries in Mexico? What will happen as construction slows down and they have no jobs?

    France is an influential country. Lionel Jospin, Socialist party, had to go after he was unmasked; he wasn't really a socialist. He was a member of a tough Trotskyist group, the Lambertistes, or OCI, or Liberdade e Luta, in Brazil. Socialist is where everybody draws the line. Communism, although never having existed in any country, that's right, communism scares the bejeezuz out of most people trained in scare tactics after the November 1917 revolution.

    Nicolas Sarkozy is a right-wing pal of Le Pen, the ultra right-wing old fart in Southern France. He doesn't like people of color. if you watch the link in yesterday's links you can see it for yourselves. He speaks to white folks only. When he spoke to a few minority young men hostility was quite thick.

    He wants to change immigration laws. He forgets the North-African descent French are... French. They were born in France, many can't speak their parents' native tongue anymore.

    He hands easy solutions about the 10% unemployment. "You work and if you don't work you have a chance at another job. If you don't..." Hey, Sarkozy, f**k you and the chéval you rode in on, d'accord?

    His solution to the despair and hopelessness in the ghetto (banlieue) is quite different from the set of laws Lyndon Johnson signed in 1964. He wants more police. How simple, more police, more prisons, more security.

    He's never heard of policies of inclusion, very talked about by the socialists around the world, aware of the crises that can explode.

    Then he states something that scared me, a dead ringer of the words of Mario Henrique Simonsen, Roberto Campos and other economists for the rich, the IMF, and multinational companies during the days the military oppressed Brazil:

    --We can't distribute wealth we don't have. It's like baking a cake. We must wait for the cake to grow and then we can share it.

    When I heard him parrot the eternal excuse to exploit the people and not benefit them I had shivers running down my spine. After so many years of exclusion in Brazil, the druglords are taking over Rio. Each day the Rio Body Count banner shows the growing number of dead due to violence. The middle class and the pornographically rich hide in their homes.

    Today is Friday, let's lighten up. I found a French reggae song mocking Sarkozy's proposition of chosen immigrants to France when he is of Hungarian origin. Click and voilà.

    A white American, an American black, and a Mexican were stranded on an island after Katrina. They stumbled upon a lamp. After negotiations the genie granted them a wish each. The American black said, "I wish I were in a place where my brothers and sisters weren't oppressed, and we'd be happy, just African-descendants."

    He disappeared and woke up in Haiti, where their revolution against the French killed all of the French who were not of color.

    The Mexican said, "I wish I would be somewhere people wouldn't make fun of my culture and accent."

    He woke up in Cabo San Lucas, waiting on tables at a resort hotel.

    The genie asked the white American what he wanted. "Nothing. I'm perfectly fine now." Vas-y, Sarkozy.

    April 21, 2007

    Thirteen Days


    Healer, doctor, Nepalese, biologist with Nobe Prize or not, Chaneller, any esoteric occupation involved in messing with the human body and soul.

    This is my thirteenth day with the Flu from Ipanema. Maybe you can channel Vinicius de Moraes for lyrics in tribute to this virus? Maybe the virus will take pity on me and leave?

    In the meantime, I am moving to the john. Why don't these peoplle catch it? Or is it they catch it and shrug it off?
    Is it that I am a wuss?


    April 20, 2007

    The Cure for Depression


    If you are like me, an extremely sensitive individual, with a keen sense of justice, you must have been getting depressed ever since L'Idiot overruled the people in FLA.

    I found a great cure for depression. Go to Rio de Janeiro and kiss and hug every person within reach. More strongly if the person has a dry cough. Tighter! I know we don't touch in the USA. Don't you want to get rid of this nasty depression?

    Eventually you'll wake up coughing a dry cough. It doesn't cease with or without cough drops or syrup or honey.

    You're cold then hot then cold and you cough non-stop. Your abs actually exist, under your pregnant nerdy belly. What d'ya know?

    The worst is to come. You manage to sleep only to wake up with tripes throbbing. Your mad dash to the little boy's room left a trail of deep doo-doo, as HW Bush liked to say. The effort to down your pants was futile. You're surrounded by deep doo-doo on the mats, the floor, your jammies.

    The next two weeks will be a nervous watch for a traitor bowel movement. You are conveniently close to the bathroom. You consider moving there.

    You won't eat. If you are a woman, your friends are so happy and envious. As a man you are more and more a Clark Kent.

    When the doo-doo leaves, the cough comes back. In this dance akin to the plague described so aptly by Edgar Allan Poe do you remember your depression over politics, terrorism, the economy? Noooooo. As Josef Foster told us in INS Level 2, these are immaterial and irrelevant like Nicolas job at JPL -- a NADA as he didn't have his green card and is dark, too dark for Josef Stalin.

    You are happy in your misery. Like the crazy guy who goes to the shrink because of his fecal incontinence. He leaves with very expensive drugs and returns in a couple of weeks.

    "So, how's it going?" Asks the shrink.

    "Ah, I still defecate im my pants. But I am very calm, sooo calm."

    Next is my very unusual take on Cho and America, plus his video.

    April 19, 2007

    Blog Overdose--Columbine

    I refuse to mention anything else regarding VA. I want to know where is Josef Foster from the IAD Level 2 Migra Clearance. Probably with the cutsie United girl who never go to me on time. My legs are so very swollen from all the wait and travel. Now, that is a dangerous guy. People know. Sounds familiar? People do nothing about his uncalled for behavior and abuse. Then things happen. A guy whose name is Josef with an F bodes no good. Like Stalin.

    Today I restructured my blogs at Blogger. Now I have a samba and futebol blog, a blog on Giggle and its abuse of countries and bloggers, and my two blogs of videos, one of music, the other of... whatever. Then I wrote my fourth post of Dylan's songs of love and hate, and my post on the pleasant feeling it is to live in a democratic country such as Brazil.

    Did you ever read this analysis? Click here If you understand this older case, maybe the one in VA Tech won't look so weird.