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    June 08, 2008

    Finally, a Backyard Breakfast

    Today I couldn't resist. The breeze isn't too bad, the day is beautiful, it''s Sunday.  It's SoCal. We set a table for breakfast outside. I still need help to walk with a walker.  But as there is no comparison to George Harrison, there is no comparison to my previous situation.
    To think the adjustment of the flow in my brain was done with a magnetic device in sync with the one in my brain leads me to believe all the beliefs in spirits that operate miracles is nothing much than magnetism in the hands of those who perform those miracles. And punto final.
    Here are some photos of our family on this Sunday afternoon. I am very priviledged to live here and to have had so much support on the Net and beyond. "To infinity and beyond!" (Click)

    So, the photos taken this morning are on Flickr. I am anarchic_universe there (what else?) In the meantime, I'd like to leave  here a photo of our top dog, the Pile-it Higher and Deeper, Dr. Nicolas F. Rouquette. Click to enlarge. It's all vegetarian. Later, y'all!

    June 02, 2007

    Nopales Flowers in Three Stages-Três Estágios


    Please click to open.  Thanks!


    Kinda tacky, I know.  I will be back.  BTW, I left a WTF on Orkut-MySpace at Technorati.com.  If you are interested, visit and rate it, please.  Thanks.

    I would like to thank Ilker Yoldas and Fisheo for faving my blogs.  Thanks!

    October 07, 2006

    Roses Don't Speak, Thank Goodness!

    It seems the country is mesmerized, once again, by a sex scandal. When I saw the first news about the page; at the time it was only one, now it seems to be a whole phone book of pages, I had to read that piece of news. At least it was a change from Daniela Cicarelli. Who wants to follow the economy-bad! The wars-worse! The Idiot, ay!

    I could foresee there was more there than met the eye on day one of the guy's problemita. So, he likes young men. So, he e-mails them. So?

    I must confess I feel sorry for the GOP. Why are they always getting into a mess covering up here and there? Can't they stop and think how big an elephant is for anyone to try to cover up? And isn't there too much to cover up anyway? Iraq, the prisoners, Bush, Cheney, Condi, Halliburton, Abramoff, Smirnoff, tequila and bourbon, wait, I have had too much.

    Watching Bill Maher last night I had to laugh. Robin Williams was there and other biggies, too. Thank goodness my boys are gone for the time being. Silence, Y!

    And some roses. I was reading about hazing and bullyism. The picture is grim. Yesterday or day before I saw a video of initiation, it was really gross. After I'm done reading about this all, I'll come up with a post. Now, let's all enjoy the roses, shall we?Roses

    August 28, 2006

    Mother Nature's Son

    Just so you can see how large fig tree leaves are. Adam was modestly dressed

    Once more, as Brazilians are fond of saying, sarcastically, the world bows to Brazil. A new law declassifies marijuana as an illegal substance --What, you are already calling your travel agent? -- and the law lets users go with a slap on the wrist: community service.

    The beauty of this is the freedom users will have from getting linked to dangerous traffickers. I know of many horror stories of young people trapped into selling for traffickers in order to buy, in a never ending cycle. Those who have seen City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles, understand what I am talking about. Young people fall prey to gangsters or the police, who demand money in order to let the kid go.

    It's a very hypocritical situation, especially when considering the number of people of a huge span of age groups who smoke marijuana. And here, we know it's a federal offense to use it, marijuana is classified as being as dangerous as heroin, c'mon. This goes alll back to racism.

    If you know anything about this plant, will you drop me a line? Its story later

    Small Talk for a Monday Morning

    It's been busy for me in Brazil. E-mail, Google Alerts about Orkut, its relationship site, a proto-MySpace, my own little problemas in Orkut, and so on and so forth.
    Here peace is gone upon the arrival of the aborrecente, a très kewl coined expression putting together adolescente and aborrecer ( to annoy. ) He needs ample supervision as teachers were trained to write instead of writing lazy.

    Are you aware of your own level of prejudice ? Did you ever find yourself playing Motown when expecting African-Americans for dinner, proposing some dance, serving ribs, kale and peas ? I read a piece on prejudice, or maybe pre-conceived ideas, in Newsweek many years ago. I remember this Caucasian couple who switch their music to Motown as they hear their guests ring the doorbell.

    Or do you assume you must speak very slowly if your guest's last name is Kowalski ?

    Maybe you add letters os and as to word endings in hope of making them more comprehensible to your guest whose name ends in -ez. Will you say, "Gooda morningo, howo aro you-o? I have-o a car-o." How embarassing if it were our number one freedom fighter, Gonzalez himself!

    If your guest were French, would you accuse the house help of having stolen the dishware and silverware, "...and that's why we have paper plates and plastic forks and knives, but you can use your hands anyway." (Ooops! What a faux pas; in France nobody uses his/her hands directly on the food, not even for chicken. Exception: sucking on artichoke sections.)

    Will you bore you Italian guest to death showing your support for any Italian-American who ever made the news here? Do you believe he knows or cares about them? A better strategy is to point out architecture and art by Italians here in the USA. Or stick to futebol.

    Once we admit we all have a dark side, "Force yourself, too" a famous actor was fond of saying in the heyday of Star Wars, 1977, why don't we force ourselves to admit we do have our own pre-judices. Once we do, it will be easier to work on them.

    The USA used to be known as a much more tolerant society than it is famed for now. Let's be the genuine Americans, "I don't care what you do as long as it doesn't interfere with my life. That is what Pluribus Unum (Many in one ) and the old Don't tread on me stand for. No snakes, peace, my friends! No, I haven't seen this Snake movie, no time and no money.

    Please click on the photo. A-baw-BITTI-nyash are used as slang for empty talk. Kind of like the content of this Anarchic Universe. Squash is spelled abobrinhas.Abobrinhaschile06

    August 19, 2006

    A Beautiful Afternoon

    It is close to our dinnertime, which can be anytime. Our son is still jet-lagged after a stressful trip back home wihout any liquids availabe, for "security reasons." I haven't been able to catch up with the news of the right or the left. I make an effort to know what's up here in this beautiful state.

    News of a personal tone is boring. There is nothing exciting in my world that could not be matched or surpassed by yours. Let me just say I ramble on, at times, sometimes I can be as sharp as a dagger.

    So that you can share my tranquil evening, I would like to share with you some photos of flowers around my city.

    Have a nice evening and I'll see you tomorrow.

    Most native flowers in my region range from blue to violet in color. Please don't ask me why