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    June 11, 2007

    Food for Thought, Food for the Soul, Fodder for Contempt

    If you want to know about Google, Ron Paul or Whatever, Ron Paul is further down.  Google is coming up.  Whatever, there's a lot of it.

    I'm in a so-so mood after I read Apple's convention wasn't that great.  The MacBookPro is great. What about "The Sopranos".  You're feeling upset. Awwww!  I'm so sorry.  Soon they'll be available in DVDs.  What me worry?

    Look what  Ifound through a Brazilian e-publication. Are you ready?


    Now you will know what to write about for Google.  For Technorati.com you can see the hot searches.  And the hot tags. I ask quite candidly:

    Why the f•ck do you blog? 

    And you my reader, do you still think blogs are impartial?

    Unfortunately Blogsville has become yet another domain enslaved by greed and hype.  I guarantee you all this fluff about Ron Paul is ... fluff.
    In June 2006, when I started blogging in English, a very experienced blogger, outstanding photograper, the owner of B12 Solipsism told me I should write about whatever I felt comfortable writing about.  I did the same in Portuguese.  The Google Page Ranking 4 was a total shock to me.  I blogged about Ron Paul after I found out the danger we could be in if this chameleon would be elected.  Paris Hilton was a judicial case.  Cory Kennedy struck a chord close to home, literally. The gutterpunks, I do care.  Should I have authority one day to bull my way around, so be it. I've already met Clinton;P))

    I have a recipe for a great chocolate cake.  I got it from a long gone store on Wilshire Boulevard, near Koreatown. 
    It was my stop before teaching ESL at a fly-by-night school.

    What's Duck Soup?  A cinch, child's play.  You are the duck or the sucker in duck soup.  Click and laugh at yourself. It's worth it.Cakepoem 

    A friend sent me a meme for a recipe.  I found this yellowed paper and immortalize it here for the world.
    I already ate almost all of it.

    Chocolate Cake
    4 eggs
    1 cup veg oil
    6 oz   H2O  - hot
    6 oz   SR  CR ( sour cream)
    1 t  B. S. (baking soda)
    1 t  B.P.  (baking powder)
    1 t   salt
    1 T vanilla extract
    4 HEAPING   T Cocoa ( Hershey's)
    2 Heaping cup  Sugar
    2 1/2 cup flour
    350 degrees Fahrenheit  or 175 Celsius for one hour
    Use non-stick (PAM)

    Nowadays you could use wholewheat , sugar replacement, low fat sour cream.  You'll have to try for final effect.  Then tell me. And five others ;P))

    ©Anarchic_Universe, 2007 All rights reserved unless stated otherwise.

    April 21, 2007

    Chinatown, Los Angeles

    On a sunny day, after a stormy family to-do, there was nothing better in my mind than a car ride to Chinatown. Chinatown spells mystery, seediness, crime and silence, not just because of Roman Polanski's film or a short story I read in a series for students of English as a foreign language, Lost Horizons, I mean some similar title. The joke widely spread at the Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos was surpassed only by Fok-Us ( Focus on Composition ) which the Supreme Director pronounced Fok-Us.

    In Lost Horizons 6 there was a story of a young man who goes up the rickety stairs of an old building in ... Chinatown. He seeks a love potion. The Chinaman sells it for a dollar. "So cheap," says the lad. The Chinaman explains that after drinking the potion ..."She will have eyes for you only, she will worry each second you are away, all her life will be for you and around you."

    The guy is ecstatic. "Is it forever?" He asks. "Yes, forever, unless you want the effect to end. For that you need a lot, a lot of money to buy the antidote."

    The Chinaman paused and continued. The antidote is a poison nobody can smell or see. It can't be traced, either. But you have to be older to have all the money you'd need to buy it..."

    The stuff teachers memorize.

    Our Chinatown is cheerful, with Chinese restaurants, Vietnamese ones, and next to Little Tokyo. It's next to our Broadway, a street that sells anything very inexpensively, peopled with sports fans and slightly anxious overweight mommas.

    In Chinatown there are enormous "money trees" for five bucks. Here on the Westside they'd cost fifty.

    We highly recommend this restaurant, all of us. The slippery shrimp is a killer delish; even spinach is great. I skipped the spinach; I didn't want to push my luck now that the essence of me has been flushed in its totality, it seems ( The Flu from Ipanema )

    Yang Chow

    819 N. Broadway
    (bet. Alpine & College Sts.)
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Total bill for three main courses and flied lice and spring rolls an tea. Ready? Sixty-five dollars for today and tomorrow. They make Louise's sound like Spago in terms of prices.

    Our ride enables us too discuss the architecture of the city, from Le Corbusier to Mies to F.L. Wright to --Yikes-- Gehry; from déco to nouveau to "modern" to contemporary and the only in L.A. Egyptian, Chinese, chateaus... It's a chance to educate people on why some areas are razed and others not. Hancock Park, right there near downtown is refined. Alvarado and Rampart, "Training Day," anyone? Our tunnel, gardens, the Ambassador Hotel gone, so many new developments under a beautiful and happy sky one can find only in Los Angeles, sometimes.