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    July 11, 2008

    SAMOHI's Chemistry Bombshell

    Whether you believe that "it takes a village to raise children" sounds corny or not, fact remains that I'm personally very grateful for SAMOHI's excellent AP-Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Martha Diaz-Chacon, who turns out to have played indirectly an important role in helping me spend 2 great weeks with Tina before she died.

    Back at the end of the first semester, she had compelled her students to prepare for the finals by studying in pairs or groups. Gabriel teamed with Alex. This spark triggered a chain reaction of practice / study sessions where Gabriel and Alex forged great bonds of friendship. That bond was strong enough for Alex to offer driving Gabriel to the airport on June 30th. Less than 1/2 hour later, Tina said:

    "I miss Gabriel already"

    I felt really good about being there. Had I followed my fatherly impulses and driven him to the airport, Tina would have been all alone at home and in her heart. Instead, I spent the evening with Tina at home; an "odd couple" of sorts. I managed to spend the following week at home with her. She had improved so much from Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus thanks to Dr. Bergsneider's treatment at UCLA that it felt as if I had spent a lot more time than just a week. Gabriel, Tina and I had managed to have breakfast outside for the first time in years.

    Yesterday, Gabriel spent the night at Alex'. He was jet-lagged for sure and I'm glad he didn't wake me up. Organizing a birthday/memorial get-together party the way Tina-la-vecina would have wanted it is a challenge. My Tinazinha was a tough, demanding cookie. I'm glad that Gabriel had a tough, demanding AP-Chem teacher at SAMOHI this year.

    Thank you Mrs. Chacon.

    June 28, 2008

    California Kamasutra: Ask Tina

    I love challenges. Linguistic challenges such as one letter L in American language and double L in U.K. English. Or, "when do I double the consonant preceding the -ed ending of a verb?"

    Today, I take upon the unusual challenge of going through a series of commonly known but rarely practiced sexual positions. No photos or pictures. Just words in a Q & A format. Having lived in California gave me all this  wisdom.

    --Tina, what is a missionary position?

    --A missionary position is that one in which a man/woman puts himself/herself on his knees while offering a 10 K piece of jewelry to his/her significant other. The offering had better come in the colorful acqua bag from Tiffany, or else.

    --Tina, what is the position "I go on top?"

    --This is a very intriguing question. If a woman rides on top that means she is quite busy on the phone, at the beauty salon, shopping on Rodeo Drive, chatting with friends on line or at a café while the significant other is slaving his life away at some stupid cheap corporation, such as GE or our government's NSA.

    If it's a man on top, that means he "works on-line" all day long, surfs the Net, has a ton of virtual friends and excuses for taking calls from total strangers (to his significant other) and takes a siesta from all this hard work while the partner works in and outside the house, supporting the leech.

    --Tina, what is a sideways position ?

    --Ah, ha! Wonders never cease. In the days baby-boomers were younger, this position meant the opposite of its meaning today to both boomers and surviving parents. Sideways means the couple sleeps with ear-plugs on, their derrières barely touching while they snore their night away.

    --Tina, what does a 69 mean?

    --How fascinating! I got this question in my mail box just yesterday. A 69, or a soixante-neuf, or billandmonica, isn't what people talk about or imagine. For one partner, it's the ingestion of proteins; for the other, a jetstream release of unnecessary stress. Some partners like to yell, "Flegma, shmegma!" And those do not ingest the liquid proteins.

    --Tina, what is phone sex?

    --Phone sex is a practice among boys and girls of all ages. If they don't have friends, they just pick United or any big company and pretend a business interest. Depending on their luck, they will achieve their goals. In United's case, remember to say loud and clear, "Agent!" if you get the robot. Maybe you are into cybersex, but robots are still not fully ready, linguistically speaking. Also keep in mind United's hubs are Chicago, Denver, Miami... Chicago is a great phone hub.

    And that's all, folks! More soon, insatiable guys and gals?

    Tina California Dreamin' Easter  1971 courtesy William Salvador©

    Post Republished from 9/2006 Anarchic_Universe®.


    June 25, 2008

    Who Remembers Mary Kay Letourneau?

    In lieu of speaking about the crapola going on at SMMUSD, where sh*tsky don't ever stink, bad administrators are moved to the Pupil-Free Day Offices, where everyday is a pupil-free day, let's take a look on an old case of student-teacher lust affair. Do you remember Mary Kay Letourneau? She was a mother of four, a daughter of a reactionary Orange County politician, when she had relations with her husband-to-be, age twelve, at the time. They had sex, she got pregnant, was sentenced, was freed, had sex with him again, got pregnant again, they married. The boy was quite big for his age; he's Samoan. My Daddy O'Google shows teacher-student sex is on the rise; more so than priests' molestation and children.

    Was Sting prescient when singing "Don't Stand So Close"
    or was the attraction between teacher and student an existent situation just suppressed from public analysis curiosity and public view? I remember having the hots for my math teacher in sixth grade. He somewhat resembled
    Rock Hudson, the co-star of Doris Day films.

    So, admirers of nymphs beware. The Brazilan government has decided to include in its latest attempt to discipline the Net users penalties for those who display photos of underage kids. I am glad Lucas Cruishank is overage. Lucas who? Don't feel sorry now. Just click. Don't be sorry for having clicked, either.

    June 18, 2008

    Wow! I'm Not Worthy, I'm Not Worthy!

    I just got out of my mail garbage bin a mailer signed by Diane Talarico, the super who is leaving because our Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is so great, as you guys must have suspected by now.

    Does she know I was a teacher for ten years at this district? That I know so many stories about it they wouldn't fit here? My husband just got home. I'l leave you 
    a  link, just click right here. My favorite 80s band performs "Kiss Off"-- Just click for the Violent Femmes.

    June 17, 2008

    The Prolongued Death of an Old Dinosaur

    The cards are on the table, for those who want to see them. SAMOHI is dying. From board members to parents hopeful to get a spot in the new small school, all are eager to  smack one more nail in SAMO's coffin. As a parent relishes on the 25 kids to one teacher ratio, another likes the smallness of a taxpayer-funded boutique school.

    Tell me folks. Very recently the School District was crying the blues to the city of Santa Monica, which is how the investigation on Tim Walker started. I would love for my kid to go to a small school. Moreover, I would love SAMOHI not to have to run fund-raising for materials, music or whatever else. Our taxes seem to be doomed to go to this small school; a school like a private one, for only a few kids,whose parents may not be willing to pay for private schools.

    SAMOHI in Extiction

    Continue reading "The Prolongued Death of an Old Dinosaur" »

    June 16, 2008

    A Chi-Chi High School Smack By SAMOHI? O-Noes

    [email protected] writes:
    SMDP: New high school proposed for district
    June 9, 2008
    Campus would have environmental theme
    Proposed high school may feature alternative instruction curriculum

    [email protected]
    Daily Press Staff Writer
    SMMUSD HDQTRS District officials are considering
    establishing an intimately-sized high school that would cater to the ecologically-savvy student populations of Santa Monica and Malibu, the secondary institution
    a possible natural transition for pupils of the popular Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH).
    A task force that spent the past half-year studying various small school options presented its recommendation to the Board of Education on Thursday, a proposal to form a high school that would have a Global Environmental Science Sustainability and Technology theme.
    The secondary school, which would be
    constructed, would start with only 100 students in the freshman class, adding 100 students every year, staffed by four teachers, several advisers and a principal.
    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is also home to SMASH, a K-8 school that focuses on alternative methods of learning.
    "Who doesn't want another alternative school in this city," Small Schools Task Force member Anthony Fuller asked the board. "What other city in California can really do it.
    Who is in a better position to do it than us?"

    Continue reading "A Chi-Chi High School Smack By SAMOHI? O-Noes" »

    Thanks, Pals!

    It's harder for parents who can't go to school to gain visibility or administrative favors. I would like to thank the parents of SAMOHI, who I am sure are the people visiting the one post I sent to SAMOHI Pals. At the time of our son's re-hazing nobody published my complaints. Whoever decided to publish my link this time counts with my gratitude.

    Think about it. If initiation or hazing were so great, wouldn't the Malibu crowd want it for their kids? C'mon. Think about it.

    We had a good Father's Day. Organic  food, mostly vegetarian, no visitors, a beautiful day and some coaching our son and friend for a chem presentation tomorrow with the toughest and bestest teacher at SAMOHI. Dr. Mayoral was a chem teacher. Who knows the patience necessary to cull results makes these people so kewl?

    Nite, nite!


    June 14, 2008

    Liar, Liar, SAMOHI Folks' Pants on Fire

    I am utterly disgusted at Dr. Pedroza and at Mr. Sakow. Pedroza claims not knowing about what happened to my son during the Labor Day weekend of his sophomore year, when he was "re-hazed" at midnight, by six kids, with volunteer mothers who drove the kids. I have my phone bill to prove my calls were made to his office. One on the day before school started at SAMOHI.

    As for Mr. Sakow, the leade of the band, to claim there are many versions of what happened, what a sack of prunes. We didn't call him because his phone number had changed from the one I had.

    I find  it hard to believe the School Board never heard anything about this incident. It went all the way to Laurel Schmidt so that the cowardly kids would be punished.

    This is a shame to SMMUSD, again, and it only goes to show this School District needs educators credentialed to administrate the mess it is now. Really, who can trust this School District?

    When one lies one should have a good memory. Mark Twain says so.

    Source of disgust: http://smdp.com   At any newstand near you. Free. Pages 11 and 12.061207_1336

    June 10, 2008

    Help Choose Interin Super at SMMUSD

    Dear Samohi Parents:

    The Board of Education is hosting public input sessions on Thursday,
    June 12th at 3:30pm and again 6:00pm in the SAMOHI library and also
    the Malibu HS library so members of both communities can attend.
    purpose of the sessions is for the Board of Education and the
    Leadership Associates advisors to receive feedback regarding the
    qualities and characteristics employees and community members are
    seeking in an Interim Superintendent. This is short notice but
    please consider attending.

    SMMUSD Hosting Community Input Sessions Regarding Interim Superintendent
    Leadership Associates Executive Search Advisors Jim Brown and Larry
    Aceves were selected by the SMMUSD Board of Education to conduct the recruitment and comprehensive search process in the selection of an Interim Superintendent. As part of the recruitment process, Leadership Associates and the district will be hosting community input sessions to receive feedback from
    employees and members of the community regarding the qualities and
    characteristics they are seeking in an Interim Superintendent.

    These 60- to 90-minute sessions will be held on Thursday, June 12th at
    3:30pm and again at 6:00pm to accommodate various schedules.
    No appointment or RSVP is necessary to attend these sessions, which will be held concurrently at both the Santa Monica High School library (601
    Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA) and the Malibu High School library
    (30215 Morning View Dr.,
    Malibu, CA).

    If you are unable to attend either the 3:30pm or 6:00pm session, you
    may email Mr. Brown and Mr. Aceves at Leadership Associates with your response to the prompts (see below) at [email protected].

    Considering the Board of Education's goal to have an Interim
    Superintendent hired by July 1, 2008, public input should be emailed
    no later than June 18, 2008.

    During the input sessions, employees and community members will be
    asked to provide feedback regarding two primary questions:
    • What are the desirable qualities, characteristics, background, and
    experiences (professional and personal) for the Interim Superintendent of SMMUSD?
    • What do you see as the strengths of the district and the major
    challenges facing the district in the months ahead?

    The Leadership Associates advisors will compile a report of comments
    received during the community input sessions and will share these comments with the Board of Education and ultimately with the new Interim Superintendent when hired. The comments will also be used to
    guide the development of the recruitment brochure, the recruitment process, and reference checking.

    Thank you in advance for helping the district through this most important process. We value your input.

    Dr. Hugo A. Pedroza, CEO/Principal
    Santa Monica High School

    -------- End of Communiqué------- End of Communiqué------- End of Communiqué----End ofCommuniqué------

    My bets? Dr.Hugo Pedroza or Dr. Michael Jason. Thanks, SAMOH-Pals for the printout above; bolds are mine.

    June 06, 2008

    Project: Ban the Bomb- SAMOHI

    It is late or early, depending on your perspective. I love to work in the wee hours, but I must change my schedule around for my health's sake. In a few hours there is a lot of noise in the house. The boys get ready, I must have my breakfast, and resume my routine.
    Today was a red-letter day at UCLA Medical Center. Although it took the Big Kahuna the whole morning-afternoon, from 10-3 to readjust my liquid level in my brain, we got it done. How great science can be! All he needed was to combine the magnet in my brain( in the shunt) with a little magnetic toy in his hand. Unfortunately, the toy didn't gauge my liquid pressure correctly. In the end, after several visits to the X-Ray guys, we settled as satisfactory 140, when he aimed at 170. I could have an aneurysm, great Nirvana song, but that is a very remote chance. My movements have improved and so has my mood.

    Yesterday, was it? We spent the night putting together this "Ban the Bomb" posterboard. GHR learned how to visit Image Google, blow up images and  text and put together his resources. The result is below. Believe me: it was a lot of work. Anything is worth doing to better prepare my darling for a college career. Photo below, courtesy of Flickr.com. Comments? Here to your Anarchic_Universe, the best hidden secret in the USA Blogsville.

    Was it just an impression the films with Samuel L. Jackson on HBO were just a coincidence? More on Barack Obama later today, when I should resume my routine. Take care, B-have, and BDa_bomb_4-good. Click to enlarge. C-ya!