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    June 03, 2008

    My land has palm trees where songbirds sing...

    When I get better or cured from the hydrocephalus one surgery did nothing about, I want to get Mommy a memorial rock, a pink one, with a bronze plaque, in which her ashes will go. We'll have a forró, which is a Brazilian interpretation of the expression "for all". It'll be the celebration of her life, lived as she wanted it to be lived, open to all creeds, aimed at high achievement. Josephina Oiticica Harris was one of the first female law graduates in Brazil. Her linguistic ability enabled her to translate all the historical maps of the Mapoteca Histórica of the Itamaraty, the Ministery of Foreign Relations. Under our palm tree, which is gated, the pink rock with the bronze plaque will have a few verses of a well known poem. Click to read it in English. Mommy used to make fun of me saying  I was more Brazilian than she; I always cry when reciting it or reading it. So you read it, for a change. Click and don't feel ashamed if you get teary eyed. The song  Tom Jobim and Chico Buarque wrote about the bird, sabiá, is here. Click. See you soon!

    daffodils Carnaval 2007 - 35.jpg

    May 30, 2008

    Am I a Fortune Teller?

    Call me presumptious. I read all morning about the USA and its politics. I'm   willing to bet hard cash and Rubinho's thing to boot (see story below) John McCain will be the next president.
    While Dems bicker, try to find an honorable exit for Hillary, count on Obama as the president, our unbiased media presents John McCain to the American people.
    Carry on, Dems. Carry on. Sorry later? I won't be sorry for you. Or us, for that matter.

    May 25, 2008

    I Regret to Inform I'm Off Today

    I wish I could resume my blogging responsibilities full-speed. However, I am very tired and now I am not sure whether my wobbling is due to exhaustion or to a natural consequence of the hydrocephalus surgery. I haven't really taken it easy at all. It's time for a break. I'll be in charge of the del.icio.us anarchic_universe network, but that 'll be all.

    Unless there is something of utmost importance, I'll be sleeping.  See you soon, folks!

    May 02, 2008

    Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes... #3

    I had a post ready for you, but I don't know how to use my Concorde , a MacBook  Pro very well.
    To change from a 2003 generation to a spanking new 2008 is tough. I knew my Hillary , a PowerBook G4, so well. But Concorde is ahead of me.

    While I wait for the surgery of NPH, I must make the arrangements for Mommy's Memorial ceremony. My hands get tired. Last night I had neuropathy that was a killer, with electric shock charges from my left hand to my elbow. My feet, the same.

    I will close now, but before I do, I would like to let you know I am changing Anarchic_Universe® layout to include my Tweeter. It is a fast way to communicate. I'm tinovska51.

    Mommy's ceremony, celebrating her long life, filled with exceptional achievement, should be in ten weeks, here, under the palm tree.

    I will be in recovery of my real self, physical and mental, ravaged by this normal pressure hydrocephalus for a year, at least. In the meantime, I would like you to visit Universo Anárquico® to see the photos I placed there in my most recent post. You'll be able to see a photo of Mommy. She used to refer to it as "My last photo as a single woman."  Then you'll also see the Tour Eiffel, a tribute to her repetitive sentence,"Rio and Paris are the most beautiful cities in the world."

    To prove the beauty of Rio, there is a photo of me, when I was a foxy lady and my "nephew". Like my son, he was lazy to speak. So, his first word was "FOGO!"
    My son's was "Ocean."

    As for politics, let's skip that. Wake me up on the first Tuesday in November. My ticket is and has been Democratic Party.Dia_das_mes04

    April 10, 2008

    The Twitter Bug

    Well, my friends, I have been bitten by the Twitter bug. Not in a 24/7 way; there are house chores to administer, the garden, my son and husband, e-mail subscriptions, and that's the way the ball bounces for someone older with lots of responsibilities.

    When I started teaching at LAUSD I finally learned to leave procrastination and tardiness behind. My principal was an old skool Japanese, Dr. Morita. She'd stand by the sign-in cards and show her loathing for tardy teachers. Even considering she was very small, her loathing darted from her eyes straight like a dagger into one's heart. So I learned to be punctual.  It was hard to commute from Central Los Angeles, a Salvadoran neighborhood where I lived, near Koreatown, to San Pedro and Adams, a couple of blocks from the L.A. river.

    So, in learning how not to procrastinate, I learned to measure my time more efficiently. However, tardiness runs in the family. My father took his time to go out, my mother took double time to arrive anywhere, and my son seems to cultivate the rush of last-minute deals.

    How did you like today's links? How about the one about UCLA's finding on cancer and marijuana?  Now, I didn't add the one on the passing of Bob Marley's mother's death. What am I supposed to add? Let's light up in your honor? I don't think so. I shot the sheriff but I didn't shoot no deputy?  You all must know the meaning of the previous sentence -- I got rid of the top guy but there are many others that remain. Um-hum.

    What I am learning in Twitter is the art of being concise. Coming from a verbose country like Brazil, it'll take a while. Twitter is kewl; I am getting to "know" more people in the English-speaking community, which is so important for Anarchic_Universe.

    Hey, "I Shot the Sheriff"; how about that?

    March 14, 2008

    Did You Hear... I Know, I Know!

    Craig Ferguson has become a fixture for us to watch, recorded, of course. We didn't know about him until recently. He's great; he's not a pasteurized version of humor.

    I hope his show continues. In the meantime, it's springtime here. I have a difficult post to write and I keep on postponing it. It's about the passing of my friend since 1981, Dr. Uschi Drolc. Some other time, okay?

    I was amazed at the amount of sex scandals in the  Los Angeles Times of today,  March 14.  The NY governor is old news. Then there was the death of a presumed serial killer and the shocking revelation a vice-principal accused of molestation at some other LAUSD school was transferred to another school and, oops! he did it again, it seems.

    This news certainly pales the s*it list at SAMOHI.

    My big behind is hurting from the four spinal taps given on my sciatica nerve. I want to leave you some photos of spring and a song I love, by Tim Maia, Primavera (Springtime.) Then, back to bed for more fun and games.
    Plumtree Double

    March 13, 2008

    Miscellaneous News from Home and Arnaldo Baptista

    After the scandalous "cyber-bullying" sh•t list of kids and sexual practices, SAMOHI-Pals moved on to kids burglarizing the neighborhood.  Then there was the  search for tutors, which is more of the same. Why go to a public school in which only the bright and an•l kids have a chance and then pay for tutoring?

    Yesterday was a phone-calling day to clear issues regarding my E.R. "treatment" and insurance issues. I did feel a little spaced out.

    Now there is exciting news for Russian-descent children at SAMOHI. They can win up to 15 units of college work, taking Russian at  UCLA. [Ya gavariú paruski]!
    [Otchem hattashaw]!

    Our del.icio.us links  should be moving to another Yahoo service after I consult the other members of the network. Today I realized a lot of links didn't have a link to del.icio.us.

    The latest at SAMOHI is... the site was spammed. Gee, I thought it was for real. An offer for idle people to work from home. It wasn't. It was spam.

    Why not combine a trip to Rio de Janeiro with a book-signing evening with Arnaldo Baptista, from Os Mutantes? I recommend the Arpoador Inn Hotel, a beach front suite. The view is awesome. The male staff is great, the restaurant has been trying.

    Arnaldo Baptista's book signing e-mail invite is here. The date is April 30. Click to enlarge. Check it out.  Click to enlarge.

    February 29, 2008

    Short and sweet - News and Sex


    Today is my mother's birthday.  She turns 88, but she hardly knows this anymore. It was a hot day, my feet are killing me and all I can say is there will be great del.icio.us links tomorrow and Universo Anárquico has a couple of posts on Sex- Advice for kids and womin.

    Take care and I will see you tomorrow.

    February 19, 2008

    Zappa 4ever

    Frank Zappa was a genius. I feel sorry he's gone. My first post in my first blog in English was his interview with the hawks at CNN? MSNBC?  He was so cool.

    My "Hillary" Apple is working with half its RAM; in other words, it isn't really doing much. I gotta find a solution to my  problema soon. The anarchic_universe del.icio.us network gains a new member tomorrow. w1zard is from Brazil, from the south and a kewl blogger and friend.

    I hope you enjoy the links so carefully chosen for tomorrow. My favorite one is  from a Portuguese blog, and this is no joke. It has all of those old games, the harmless ones, without monster noises or violent graphic stuff.

    It's time for me to go faire doh-doh. I hope to leave you here with Willie the Pimp, from Zappa's Hot Rats.  See you tomorrow.

    January 23, 2008

    Circumstances Beyond My Control

    I need to communicate to you, readers and searchers, I am and will be on reduced pace re. blogging. I am very tired of the fight with the keyboard and frankly, the Hillary v. Obama campaign has taken over my soul. TV is addictive.  There. The newspapers have been more appealing to me than a computer thru which it's a struggle to express myself.

    I'll be coming in less often and I will try to keep my del.icio.us network going.

    Thanks to all, stealing Ahnold favorite expression, "I'll be back." Now watch this, please, straight from Chicago, about that Mafioso guy, Antoin "Tony" Rezko, Obama's patron since 1995.