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    June 09, 2008

    Saint John's in the Brazilian Northeast

    Saint John's festivities used to be a lame combo of corn on the cob, bonfires, hilbilly costumes, not anymore, it seems. In the northeast of Brazil, in the land of Luiz Gonzaga, the revered icon of northeastern music, the real thing, driving the masses to madness is a combo of electronic music and forró plus very sassy lyrics. So I got one of the for you. Its very suggestive name is "Sit (on it) It's  Mint ." Northeasteners do have a way with words.
    here is the link to a video. There is an official dance, of sorts, in which girls gyrate and seem to be sitting down and up, dressed in short skirts and bras. Check it out. Click! And join the mad crowd singing, "Senta que é de menta." I must thank a Brazilan blogger, Mr. Manson, for the tip and O Globo for the news and lyrics.

    On a kewl-er note, another blog has a great link to a band that reminds me a lot of Os Mutantes. They are from São Paulo and this is their website, where you can download their music or buy the album.
    http://www.expressomonofonico.mus.br/ Click and check it out. If I didn't have to listen to Steve (Jobs) I'd be listening to them all day long.

    Do you enjoy the photo? Check out Gabizou2009 in my anarchic_universe Flickr group. He is so much better than me!


    January 15, 2008

    In Honor of the Rev. Marin Luther King, Jr.

    There is nothing I could say Martin Luther King didn't say or write more eloquently. I used to teach about him from a Swedish authored English for foreign learners series, New Horizons, aka Lost Horizons. It was caught in the transition  between "Repeat after me" and more cognitive challenging teaching styles.

    However, in Book 6 there was an excerpt of "I Have a Dream" and a short narrative about The Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.

    Here is a complete video and transcript of that beautiful stand Dr. King made by the Lincoln Memorial. Just click here.

    November 01, 2007

    Maka Maka, Hillary and Bills

    It's a bummer when lawyers are the only ones reading you. In addition, it's weird I use Firefox and all my readers are comig through Internet Explorer.
    I guess I should surrender and buy a Vista (with no view) or just insist, as my nature tells me to.
    Google lost nothing after losing an infinitesimal share of biz on Facebook, a kewl relationship site to Microsoft. Google just went ahead to announce Maka Maka, which reminds me of Tiki Tiki a drink at Trader Vic's a five star restaurant of the 50s. Really old for our standards here in Los Angeles.
    Maka Maka makes a lot of sense. After all, Macca, the Beatle, is the only in the newspapers, tabloids, cutting deals here and there. Who wants to read about HoneyPuss in long boots Patty Boyd ?  Or Eric Clapton's pathetic confessions of plagiarism?  My source on the latter is B12 Solipsism, beware, spreading confusion on the Net since www 1.0.
    I wish I had been a blogger in the 1990s instead of an educator. Then a blogger instead of a translator.  Here we are.

    Maka Maka is a way of virtual life. It's a sweet surrender to Mountain View.  More than  MySpace, Orkut or FaceBook, more than the Google Bar, Maka Maka will take care of every single aspect of your life.  All we need now is love between Google and Apple.  Every time I read left click I cringe.

    Hillary, my presidential candidate, also cringes at the idea of a left click. Left nada. This time she won't be the mousey brown-haired GOPer who watched Nixon's fall. She won't be the blondie feminist who adamantly declared 'I'm not the stand by your man type' while Mme. HW Bush gave away her favorite cookie recipes.

    Hillary will be tough as nails, setting aside those who are in her way, kinda of like Mountain View will with Maka Maka.  One of Hill's Bills is deeply involved in his former POTUS job, his library.  Another is a bill, immigration, in which she used the best of clintonism's -- It depends on what the definition of if is.  Her bills, money amassed during the campaign, are the target of all candidates, except her key bill.  Bill Aberdeen, the one imposed by the Brits on slave ships is history. If Barack Obama couldn't stand tall against BP why would he now?

    Bill Richardson, ahhh! That's my man. Rotund, Native-American, Spanish fluent, he looks just like me.  A former cabinet member for Bill POTUS, he can add he has experience building our image and is faithful to his political background.

    Like Google, Inc. couldn't care less if it is indeed IE the browser for Google Bar, at 600+ dollares/share one can afford t be less popular among its peers, and Maka Maka is coming. Hillary can laugh at the face of John Edwards, who lost his home state, playing a poor self-made man when in fact a millionaire insurance lawyer. Hillary Clinton is my person today and at the polls, for a better America, centered, supported by all the bills that matter and Bill Richardson, for vice-president, the governor of New Mexico.

    The beauty of it is -- Hillary doesn't really have a home state to lose. Really. Maka Maka for her, too.

    My Mac pleads Help! Tina Oiticica Harris, from center one-click MacBookPro.

    September 25, 2007

    Loki - Arnaldo Baptista and Moisés Santana


    September 16, 2007

    Paulo Henriques Britto - Poet Laureate

    Seek and thou shall find. I was looking for a link of mine in Technorati. That I found not. I found instead a collective blog, O Indivíduo, in which Pedro Sette Câmara lends his voice to lusophone poetry.
    This link presents Paulo Henriques Britto and Fernando Pessoa.

    Are you ready? Click here, read and listen please.

    August 02, 2007

    Some Silence Necessary

    I never really watch TV. There are so many more fruitful activities in the world.  However, confined to my hospital room sans Internet except at night, when Nicolas arrives, I have begun to get acquainted with the garbage advertised and shown as "entertainment" on TV. Gag me with a spoon, even if this expression may be synthetic slang,  that is, coined by the media.

    Now I know Jack Bauer is this super-guy like a video game character.  Whether you beat him up, shoot him, run over him, he gets up and is ready like the Eveready bunny.  Maybe the Canadian ancestry helps.

    And I know what David Caruso looks like now.  He was a NYC cop last I saw him. Now he is an albinoprune with a smokey voice in CSI Miami, whose plot is always the same. Someone dies but Caruso decides it's a murder.  A lot of FX scenes go back and forth until he unravels the whole story of the glory.

    Commercials target the poor and the old. Medicine and food bargains. Then diets, diets, diets.

    Today I was caught by the collapse of the Minneapolis bridge as most who had a TV by them  witnessed in shock and sorrow what happened.

    I am sad, apologize to my blogroll bloggers, and to make things worse, my stay here at the Hospital of the Stars will be a little longer than I expected.  This afternoon the dizziness and muscle weakness came back and my hypercalcemia is higher than yesterday.

    Listening to the misuse of funds here makes me angry. Let's just hope the technical folks can work.  Did you notice the response to this catastrophe when compared to the response to Katrina?  Am I the only person who sees this?

    Silence for the departed.

    May 03, 2007

    Listen to Lizzie Bravo on The Beatles, Right Here, Right Now

    The story is fascinating. A fifteen-year-old Brazilian girl goes to Swingin' London, gets to meet the Beatles, and gets chosen to sing with them on "Across the Universe," the UNICEF version.

    Many missed the interview Lizzie Bravo gave to "Breakfast with the Beatles." You can here it right here, right now.

    Lizzie Bravo on "Breakfast with the Beatles."

    Enjoy! I did!

    Her book on the year she was an Apple scruff will soon be out, with lots of photos of the Beatles during the time of colorful clothes, altered states, ...