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    July 09, 2008



    No one that has ever met Tina could forget her. We shared our love for flowers, Brazilian music and a birthday--well what's a day/year or two between friends?? She often said things that other people don't even dare to think and had one of the most intelligent minds and loving hearts of all time. Today, she is walking Ipanema in her 20 year old bikini-clad body. Happy Birthday, Tina! I will miss your laughter.

    Denise Arcoverde

    Hi! It was so beautiful what you wrote about Tina. I really liked her and feel sad to know she is gone.

    But she was luck to have this loving family. I always could tell you have been a great husband and she loved very much you and your son.

    I wrote something about/for her in my blog, if you want to check:


    My deepest condolences.

    Thiago Leite

    Maybe we can meet in person in a future life.



    Tina had just recently started to come to my blog, so I barely knew her. But I wanted to leave her a goodbye message, and tell her family and friends that my thoughts are with you at this time.

    Jamar Schoessow

    Last night @ midnight I called Nora from Medinaceli, Spain and got the news. Several years ago Terry and I were to join Tina and Gabi in France, but due to complications we were not able to do that. I am so glad that Gabi is able to continue his visits to France. And, Linda, I concur with your remarks, and join you in seeing her in her bikini in the company of poets, musicians, politicians, artists, educators, philosophers, friends and family being provacative and sensous in her unique and inimitable style. Thank you, Tina, for allowing me to be a Groupie.

    Lizzie Bravo

    thank you for sharing, nicolas, this is beautiful. tina will live forever in the hearts of those who love her. it's still hard to believe she's gone. we had some good times in the last 40+ years... i will definitely miss her laughter. my love to you and gabi.


    I just saw this, my deepest sympathies. I had never met Tina in person, but I felt I knew her well. I'll miss her witty responses to the world, and am saddened she didn't get to witness George Bush hauled into criminal court.

    Freaky Deaky

    Wow. I am so late. I've been out of town.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Tina passing. I'm not one to generally be at a loss for words but damn. I hope that she is in peace and free from pain. I hope that you, Nicolas, and your son are coping. She spoke fondly of you both.

    I'll miss her wit, humor, and intellect.

    My sympathies and condolences go out to her family and friends.

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