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    May 31, 2008

    JPL, NASA and Barack Obama

    Nicgabi_2 Please follow the latest on Phoenix and its findings on Mars below this link:

    Martian One and Martian Junior
    click and watch.  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/phoenix/main.php

    Just a click away into outerspace. Phoenix is also on Twitter, imagine that! It's on my tinovska51, just check it out!

    Here in the argh! blogosphere all I know is Barack Obama has severed ties with  his church, where once he was lost and twenty years ago had been found. Why get into religion if one cannot please everybody by belonging to one denomination? You can go here, or here or here, too.
    You can call me biased, fair enough, I always flaunted my partisanship towards Billary. However, my son is only a Democratic, and a smart kid at sixteen, even if attending SAMOHI. He just now said he feels scared of Obama because Obama is getting worse than Kerry, meaning a flip-flopper, and my son feels Obama will be annihilated if running for president in November.

    All I can say about this and it's not much, I never felt the guy was sincere, even when just today I heard someone on TV say he was the same in front of four people as he'd be in front of forty-thousand. He's good looking, I'll grant his Michele good taste. The sermons being given at his former church are pretty much the same as most sermons given where the older generations of African-Americans worship.
    The feelings of not being wanted or ever having been asked to be here are legit. So preachers exaggerate and play with these feelings. Barack started his campaign as one of inclusion, excluding Clinton, natch, and now all of Trinity Church from Chicago.  I am sorry, no can do.

    I will vote for the Democratic ticket regardless of the candidate's name. To say I'm less than thrilled with Obama is not true. I was never thrilled with him in the first place.

    But then, my Jewish grandma would say, "You don't have to go to bed with him." True, Mamie, and I prefer this big dawg with glasses here.Dsc00008

    May 30, 2008

    Am I a Fortune Teller?

    Call me presumptious. I read all morning about the USA and its politics. I'm   willing to bet hard cash and Rubinho's thing to boot (see story below) John McCain will be the next president.
    While Dems bicker, try to find an honorable exit for Hillary, count on Obama as the president, our unbiased media presents John McCain to the American people.
    Carry on, Dems. Carry on. Sorry later? I won't be sorry for you. Or us, for that matter.

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    May 29, 2008

    Strange Night in the Rio Rain

    I can't recall how it all started. I know it was in the days we were mostly single or divorced or whatever else. My little circle of old time friends consisted of engineers, except for a poet and translator and I, a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Like most Cariocas we went into and out of trends. The trend at the time was very refined cachaça, sugarcane alcohol. Out of the blue we had become connoisseurs, seeking the next best cachaça.
    So it happened that one night we got a call about a primo one. That was the good news. The bad news was the cachaça was with friends at the other side of town. Rubinho decided he'd go pick it up. I tagged along for the car ride.
    We got to our destination, small talk exchanged, we decided to leave. On our way back, the silence in the car was nearly surreal. Rubinho wasn't one of too many words, I knew that. I am chatty but knew not what to say. Pretty soon we'd have to cross Praça da Bandeira, an area with negative altitude. The rain was pouring now. We were crossing a lake, really.

    Rubinho breaks the silence with a thought that he must have been mulling in his head for quite a while. He turns to me, quite assertive, and states,

    --You know, I've never had an American butthole in my whole life.

    I froze. Rubinho, despite the --inho, was about 6' 4". Easy. His *** couldn't be the type Greek or Roman sculptures show in gardens. I didn't think so. Rather, I didn't want to think about it at all. My mother had always told me about how horrible their thing was when they wanted us. I found a way out. Quickly, I pointed out to him,

    -- Rubinho, watch out for the hole in the road! --

    That should be better than my hole, I was sure.

    You know how drunks are. He averted his attention from my hole to the one in the road. Before we knew it, we were crossing the tunnel to the south side of Rio. Before we could realize it, we were at my door. I pretended nothing had happened and asked him in. By then, the booze, the excitement, the fatigue had gotten to him. I kissed him on both cheeks and he left.
    At home, I undressed, prepared myself a Bloody Mary, put Lou Reed to play, lit a cigarette. Slowly, I felt sleepy, put out the cigarette and got mentally ready for the morning, when students might ask me for the words of the song I was listening to. I'd be ready.

    THAT cactus....

    May 28, 2008

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    May 27, 2008

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    May 26, 2008

    A Little Something to Share With You

    Maybe a Portuguese collective blog has inspired me to cultivate my love for architecture, design and urbanism. I'm not sure whether its name is Obvious or if it is Uncovering. Whatever it may be, tomorrow is the anniversary of Saint Petersburg, the crown jewel of Russia. I have below two links to the White Nights. Saint Petersburg is the only city to experience a night that never sleeps. Tomorrow is its anniversary. Enjoy the links!

    Link  number one: Click

    Link number two: Click

    Nite-nite, Happy Anniversary, Saint Petersburg!

    Hello, Is It Me You're looking For?

    The song performed by Lionel Ritchie was a true hit. "Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?" was a cross-over song, popular with pre-teens and older people. I had never seen the video, which somewhat changed my perception of the song.
    But it's not me you are looking for. I am very blue, not in the Democratic v. Republican sense. I am saddened by yet another death, this time dona Leda's, the mother of two friends of mine, who in a short while became orphans. Their father, an over-achieving telecommunications engineer, the pioneer of TV in Brazil, died of Alzheimer a few months ago. His younger son's insight spared us from052007_1343 seeing Mommy shrink in a bed, her self long time gone.
    Mommy signed a living will determining no invasive medicine should try to make her live.
    Dona Leda died shortly after her husband of over six decades passed away. There is nothing we can do when they don't want to live anymore, I guess.
    With them is gone a part of my own history as a Carioca, a part of the history of music and cinema.
    So, I feel sad, and that, too shall pass.

    To a better time with our anarchic_universe del.ico.us links!

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    May 25, 2008

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