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    April 30, 2008

    A Blast from the Past

    in fact, I learned this technique to teach it to  children in the days a double-edge razor was okay for kids to have. It's Crayola®, covered with ink of China, I think that is its name in English. After dry, we can scrape it or draw on top of the dried paper. I wasn't on drugs at all. As the cartoon John Lennon says in "The Yellow Submarine" film,

    "It's all in the mind, you know?"

    For more on Os Mutantes psychedelic rock and news click here and add the site to your bookmarks. Keeping my mind busy at the sound of "I'm Fixing a Hole."


    April 29, 2008

    Zefa, Jo Harris, My Mommy

    Some say it's unnatural for a mother to lose a child. A child is lost in so many ways, into the world, drugs, radical politics, clubbing, religious sects, whoring. What is hard for me to cope with is the have to embedded in dying. There is no choice, no coming backs. It's an obligation external to our will.

    Right now I am in distress for other reasons. The stuff we need to do. Emily Dickinson tells you about it better than I can. Please no flowers or phone calls.
    Mommy hated cut flowers. I'll post when the mass will be, here in Santa Monica. Maybe I'll go to Twitter later on. Now I have to rest a little.


    The Bustle in a House                                   O Ir-e-Vir em uma Casa
    The Morning after Death                               A Manhã após a Morte
    Is solemnest of industries                              É atividade a mais solene
    Enacted upon Earth --                                  Executada na Terra --

    The Sweeping up the Heart                          Varrer o Coração
    And putting Love away                                 Armazenar o Amor
    We shall not want to use again                     Que voltaremos a usar
    Until Eternity.                                            Só na Eternidade".
    Emily Dickinson

    Mommy, in her best allumeuse smile, at 81 years of age.

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    April 28, 2008

    Os Mutantes - Their Seeds Take Over São Paulo


    http://attu.typepad.com/universo_anarquico/2008/04/mutantes-depois.html Abra(clique) para baixar a nova canção d'Os Mutantes para a galera Mutantes nova.

    Never Hum a Tune in a Taxicar in Rio

    In my carefree early to mid-eighties, at the height of the so-called "dark" fashion in Rio de Janeiro, when I listened to Joy Division, New Order,
    Killing Joke, The Alarm and in especial The Smiths, the big time American to make it in my Sony Walkman® was Bruce Springsteen.  I fell in love with his double LP and a friend gave me a cassette of the album. Oh, there was the early Jonathan Ritchman and there was Laurie Anderson, and the
    Talking Heads . My friend in NYC gave me tapes of these.

    I like to sing or hum songs albeit my voice gets out of tune at the third note, says Gabriel. Nicolas, my husband, can recognize what I sing, though.

    (background info)I was a heavy smoker; I got away with smoking in class while I was teaching. My outfits was overalls, a T-shirt, my SonyWalkman®, my backpack, an acquired tem of practical fashion I picked up in NYC, and my Adidas shoes, royal blue with orange stripes. At night I used to hang out at a gay bar which served a delish tomato soup and drink Bloody Mary, Cochrane's. No wonder nobody ever made a pass at me ;P))Tinabotanicalgarden

    Rio de Janeiro is subject to unexpected tropical rain. This night was no different. A heavy rain fell, everybody was gone in a flash. I walked to the corner of an already deserted Botafogo neighborhood to hail a cab. To my surprise, a cab stops. The guy looked ug-leeee, scar-eee, but what the heck. A cab is a cab is a cab.

    I hopped in a VW Beetle without a front seat, the cabbie asked me my destination, I gave it to him. There I am humming a song in Portuguese whose lyrics go,

    "Stay with me tonight, you won't regret it, the wind outside is whipping cold, here warmth you will have."  (Where did I get this song from?)

    He goes in the opposite direction. Well, I thought, a little dazed by the vodka, maybe he wants to try another route. When we are in the street of the cemetery São João Batista, he stops the car. A conversation ensues. He demands,

    "Suck my c***."
    "????? No, I won't"
    "Suck my c***."

    This went on, the pouring rain outside getting no thinner. The dialog was as repetitive as those routines in "Waiting for Godot."  Suddenly, he inquires, in a total off-topic,

    "Can I take a piss?"
    "As long as it's not in the car..."

    My remark was nonchalant. I just sat there in the warmth of the car. He returns, says as he grabs one of my thighs wrapped under a semi-sheer white pantyhose,

    "I always liked chunky white girls like you."

    (Gee, thanks for the chunky. Good for me to be wearing a long sweatshirt that was supposedly a dress.) 
    He adds,

    "I got a Saturday Night Special in the glove compartment."

    He opens it and shows me the cheap metal gun.

    "Where are you going now?"

    I request,


    The SOB charges me full fare, and I let him keep the change.

    Morning after it was English classes starting at seven. A double glass of cold coffee and cold milk, another cab, another day in the Cidade Maravilhosa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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    April 27, 2008

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    April 26, 2008

    Psychedelic rock -- Chrysalis 1967, Os Mutantes Later

    I guess I begin to get what Anglophones call psychedelic rock.  I received in the mail a CD by Chrysalis -1967, a band my friends and I knew very well in 1970, thru a copy someone had gotten in London, don't ask me how. Amazon.com has its re-release.

    Surprise, surprise. The recording has been re-released. It's awesome to kinda know what the band looked like 37 years ago. Just as Os Mutantes without Rita Lee or  Arnaldo Baptista record a new song, see below.

    So, I guess there's a mini-revival of the "so-called" psychedelic music. Next, the surviving Dead will be throwing satellite-powered concerts with "get-your-own shrooms on-line." Those alive will see this or "Quem viver verá."

    Another point on rock and roll I would like to leave here is priceless advice I received once from the Poet Laureate, (click for samples of his poetry) Paulo Henriques Britto:

    "Never take sides when bands are undergoing internal fighting. Remember what John Lennon sang about Paul McCartney, 'The only thing you done was Yesterday.' "

    I was heartbroken when Arnaldo Baptista, Sérgio Dias' older brother, left the tour in 2007. Even more so when I received the news he won't go back to music. He has a book to release and a film is being made about him. I hope all is well with the three brothers: César, who created the Regulus guitar, Arnaldo, and Sérgio. And all of Os Mutantes, Rita Lee and Dinho, Liminha, and those new to the band since London's Barbican Concert in 2006 who planted their seed of psychedelic rock for the next generation to follow.

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    April 25, 2008

    Os Mutantes Later - A New Band and MP3

    Many of you will recognize the faces of the band that performed since London's Barbican in 2006 to so many crowds of older and younger fans of Os Mutantes psychedelic rock tinged with a Brazilian sound. Here is a photo of the band as it is now, with a bonus MP3 for download; feel free to pass it around and post it in your blogs. Click on the photo to enlarge, if you wish. Will the MP3 work?  Let's check it out. Center wearing a top hat, Sérgio Dias, his Regulus guitar, next to him "Dinho" Leme, seminal Os Mutantes members.


    Download MutantesDepoisFinalMix.mp3 (12106.2K)