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    March 31, 2008

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    March 25, 2008

    Only Apple, Inc.

    Hi this is GHR, my mother is sick today so please excuse me for the short post.
    On the bad side, my mom's old PowerBook G4 had to go to Apple to get the logic board replaced. Unfortunately, they don't have any logic boards available to replace it for a long time.
    To start from the beginning, my dad bought the computer for my mom's birthday about five years ago. It was the first generation of the PowerBook G4 platinum, and she was happy with the seventeen inch screen. As all computers are, this one was unlucky from the start, the computer was defective, the screen was phasing in and out of sync, the colors would change and look kinda like the first generation color screen computers.
        So, we went to the Apple store to get it fixed, they decided to take it in for three weeks and fixed it. And so, for four years the computer was serving my mother well. Ultimately, computers fail and become a lemon compared to a piece of gold, and about two months ago, the laptop was crashing and demanding a forced shut down (kernel panics). I took a look at it and found that there was a bad memory chip, which did solve the problem for two days, and of course, again it went on a frenzy of restarting on its own.
        I took a look at the panic logs, which only a mac expert child could figure out between two highly educated people (one of them being a computer software engineer), and i saw that the causes of the kernel panics was a faulty Airport Extreme Card, the wireless card built into the computer's logic board. And so, I took it the Apple Store and got a genius to take a look at it.
        The genius looked at the computer all around and started to claim that we could be liable for the defectiveness since we took into ourselves in replacing the hard drive three times, which would be something that is very likely to shock a chip and reck havoc to the computer, since there were marks of screwdrivers between the cover and the base and some screws missing. And I asked her, how much would it be to fix the thing. Her response: "Well, if it is found to be our defect in manufacturing, then it will be covered in around the $300 range, however, if it isn't our fault, then we charge you full price for the parts (around $1700 for a new logic board and airport card and the work) and no warranty would be set." So, I took it into my own hands to tell her, "send it to Apple, if they find it is our fault, then have them call us and ship it back, otherwise, we'll pay 300$ and get it fixed."
        Since then, my mother has been using my laptop, a PowerBook G4 15", which was better equiped than her laptop, and it is a year younger than hers. And so, she has been using it until...

    At 3:00 pm, today, we receive a call from Apple, the factory and labs for repairs, telling us that they find that it is a manufacturing defect in the logic board, which they need to replace. However, the woman tells us that the logic board is back ordered and cannont replace it, so, since they wanted to keep with the agreement of fixing the laptop or replacing it, they decided to replace the laptop with a brand new MacBook Pro 17". Somebody pinch me, is it really true??? She told us that it was within the agreement and only charge us the repair cost of $350!!!

    I told her about the excellent news and my dad didn't hesitate to accept this offer. Only Apple would do something like this, for a five year old computer to have a faulty logic board and cause it to be replaced with a standard similar computer of the same screen size (but much more memory and processing speeds by 2 times) at no extra cost.

    Take that PC! Only Apple will do the job.

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    March 24, 2008

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    March 22, 2008

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    March 21, 2008

    links for 2008-03-21

    Tomorrow I'll be back

    Thanks you guys who visited, I will be back tomorrow, I guess. For nobody can tell the future, right?

    Take care, I need to read about Obama's statements. I have been out of it.


    March 20, 2008

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    March 19, 2008

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    March 18, 2008

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