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    February 29, 2008

    Short and sweet - News and Sex


    Today is my mother's birthday.  She turns 88, but she hardly knows this anymore. It was a hot day, my feet are killing me and all I can say is there will be great del.icio.us links tomorrow and Universo Anárquico has a couple of posts on Sex- Advice for kids and womin.

    Take care and I will see you tomorrow.

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    February 28, 2008

    SAMOHI -Sex in the Bathrooms? Cyberbullying?

    I received a phone call yesterday about these horrible sex acts; later on I received a link to the list of SAMOHI-Pals, the same group that did nothing when my son was attacked in the middle of the night last year.
    This is the link to the message board. Somebody copied it for me:

    My child had told me that there were emails circulating around..one for the Juniors and one for the Seniors, that were graphic descriptions of supposed sexual encounters between students, along with vile descriptions and namecalling
    She herself was recently sent a new one about the sophomores, that was so unbelievable, she sent it to me, and then deleted it off her computer.
    It is a list of various (and all) hetero and homosexual acts that are ascribed to various students, names supplied, accusations of who has stds, replete with the N word, F word ,C word...every foul word and description possible.
    What do I do?
    Send it to the principal? The police?
    Does anyone else know about this? Is it possible the school is so out of touch that they have no inkling that this is going on?
    How do these poor students named fight against this? Shall I delete the names and send it to Samopals?
    A very concerned  Mom

    A Smartie Pants girl gave her Mom the printout she received in her e-mail, but destroyed the e-mail.  There goes the IP and other possible information. What there is, my son told me, is a sh*t list of students and sexual acts they may have or not been part of.

    He also adds that the Knitting Circle always has to blow everything out of proportion. Please, no double entendre. For women who have had sex to go hysterical to the point of not being able to print the C word or the BF word, or the BJ word or the 69 # and so on is totally ridiculous, considering most grew up in freer days than today.

    Furthermore, it's the CEO's job, and that is Dr. Hugo Pedroza, to go after whodunnit. And the job of da police and other staff on campus. My job is to make sure my kid understands he keeps his bite in his pants and his buns to himself. Follow the lyrics. We learned about this song by YELLE, "I want to see you jetstream/shoot in your apron."  There were other words foreign to me, like Krunk, but that is used in Oakland, CA.

    Naturally, I am against cyber-bullying and it's horrible to see your kid's name on a shit-list published anonymously. However, this same crowd voted YES on RR, believing in SMMUSD's excellence. Live with it.  What  world do you live in?
    Anyone who has seen Juno? Everyday there are links here to illuminate folks about my issues. Cybercrime is  one of them. SMMUSD is another.

    Let's face it, if thirteen-year-olds are having sex in a movie, in Rio for real and I know this for a fact, in France, what would they be doing in hedonistic Santa Monica by Route 66?  Just pray for tecktonik and its asexual posture. The dirty bathrooms technique to keep SAMOHI from sexual activity seems not to have worked. Oh, well, there are other ways. Check this out. Be merry. Tomorrow will be a good day in America. My mother will be 88. She was so beautiful. A devout Catholic; if there is a heaven, she'll be there. If I were to believe in her my name is MAria Cristina for a reason. I was born thru Immaculate Conception, which makes my son Jesus. But I chose Gabriel, instead ,and life goes on. Without birds or bees, BTW. "Route 66" sending some warmer weather to my oldest links in blogging, my mentor, Seth A. owner of B12 Solipsism.  I hope Freaky Deaky is having a blast with all the snow in Freakytopia.net. He is my other oldest link in Blogsville. Have a happy evening and I hope you and I are back here for more tomorrow. Hey, I hope I am back, too.  Actually, my son says the s*t list is one dissing the black students. Hey, Obama, here's a place for you to enact some change...(I hope)

    Mommy with me

    February 27, 2008

    The Only One - He Can Win It All - Will Farrell

    According to the front page of today's Los Angeles Times, Senator McCain, who was part of the Charles Keating Savings and Loans scandal, as one of the Keating Five, has more skeletons in his closet. Click here.

    The LATimes says McCain would beat Senator Barack Obama by two points.
    Senator Obama is indeed a miracle maker. Even the GOP wants him, and it seems his color of skin has healed all of our previous history of racism. In addition, his campaign has sooo much money, it's hard to believe it comes from those 20-25  dollar contributions  he talks about.  Not to mention how rabid fanatics his followers are. BTW, the "Obama Girl" is a fake. BTW, amazingly, my link to the Huff Puff, one of today's del.icio.us is still up and it's a must-see.

    Then there's poor Hillary, who's hammered if she's a bitch and hammered when she complains. There is no way the media will ever like her. Actually, I saw the producer of SNL on CBS this morning saying there was nothing wrong with SNL last Saturday, when Tina Fey "campaigned" for Hillary and uttered "profanities," according to others. I was thrilled. Still on the Huff Puff link, click, please, and scroll down, there is a link to a huge bulletin board reacting to Feb. 24 SNL.

    However, the one unanimous winner from here to the New York Island is Will Ferrell. Yeah! The Bush for SNL in 2000.  HIs R-rated "Semi-Pro" toilet humor movie is coming up for the delight of the male millennium creatures, thirsty for toilet humor. Along with the movie, comes an attempt for revival of Old Spice, Daddy and his generation's  favorite scent.

    So, forget about it, Nader, it's never too late to concede,
    our new president will be Will Farrell. Will Farrell for president!  He will not misunderestimate Hillary, for one. Good day, folks, we have two new posts today, plus our anarchic_universe del.icio.us links, on calories, download of MP3s, Huff Puff and a lot more! And a show I missed, in 1985, at the Los Angeles Colosseum, Bruce sings Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land." BTW,  if it helps, you, I will donate back my five dollars I have made so far back to Google. I know, that's only one drop of one share, but  that's all I have in my lockbox.

    How SMMUSD Spends Our Money

    There are facts about Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District dwellers in this city refuse to notice.  We want to live in a fantasy world in which this town, where one area was developed for the WW II effort in aviation and the homes tiny cottages for the workers, is a chic and royal town. The area I refer to is Sunset Park or anywhere between Ocean Park Avenue and Pico Boulevard, and Centinela and Lincoln. On the edge of Sunset Park and Lincoln there is more crime than here in the infamous Pico Neighborhood, which houses still a considerable number of ethnic minorities, so to speak. On Lincoln there are needles and prostitutes. (Check crime reports on SMDP or Sunday LATimes.)

    Sunset Park has become the home of the wannabes of Santa Monica. They mansionized the cottages and support blindly giving money to the School District. So how about this?

    • Did you know that every ineffective administrator is moved to Student Services or Education Services?  Peter Principle, yes.

    • Have you ever called either office and gotten a live person on the phone?

    • Of course, right after RR was approved, administrators got raises. There is no money for the rest of the staff.

    • Once the SMPD stopped to check some people who were taking away perfectly good furniture and cabinet files. The police thought there were thieves.  But no! Santa Monica-Malibu USD had thrown out filing cabinets, those old green metal ones, because the color was old. In the same way they throw away tables, do away with an awesome equipment for astronomy, and so and and so forth.

    • This is, after all, a town in the vicinity of Hollywood, where it was said, "A sucker is born every day."

    • On Pico Boulevard, opposite from the cemitery, there is an empty lot. SMMUSD outbid the city but the city refused to authorize the building SMMUSD had in mind. From this impasse resides wasted money.

    • On Santa Monica Boulevard it's worse. There is a huge room, empty, on a lease made by an administrator who left. It costs us 30 thousand dollars a month.

    • I am sure you have been following the scandalous revelations about the deals cut with special education. Kids who were attacked by others, parents silence bought in exchange for privilege that is only obviously necessary.  IEPs that never went  anywhere,  Administrators shuffling their feet over  scandalous  breeches of  the State Ed. Code.  Example:  an on-site administrator takes eight months to deliver a stop to name calling Gay-Briel, marking lines on the desks and floor accusing the child of having HIV. Eight months!

    • Now, my friends, are you still going to throw money the District's way?

    Let's face it, Santa Monica: culture, what culture?

    Readers, our del.icio.us links have never been better; from diet to direct MP3 downloads, we've got it all. And we have a fan in Tempe, Arizona, who seems to really enjoy Anarchic_Universe®. Thanks, and spread the word, please.

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    February 26, 2008

    links for 2008-02-26

    February 25, 2008

    Dancing in the Street? La France and SAMOHI

    My son takes French at SAMOHI, as part of a cultural excellence only SMMUSD can provide.  He has a thirteen-year-old female penpal in Bordeaux, which is in the southwest of France. I know girls get curious about the birds and the bees earlier than boys; if you saw Juno you know exactly what I am talking about. Actually,  right after sucker moms and dads  voted  for more money for the Santa Monica-Malibu USD , administrators again  got a raise.  Teachers got the fuzzy end of the stick  as Marilyn said in Some Like It Hot.  They keep the bathrooms filthy as a sex abstinence practice. It takes a lot of urge to go to the toilet at SAMOHI. Certaily not in Dr. Hugo Pedroza's office.

    The penpal asked him if he liked la Tecktonik. Is that a nerd's drink?  Tech with tonic?  Naw, dudes and dudettes. Check it out.  To me it looks like a version of USA hip-hop danced without soul by bisexual teens without rhythm, rhyme or sense. It started in September, according to the first YouTubes posted. It's performed in the streets once a week by boys with boys and girls with girls. The dance also borrows the aggressive mock punches and karate moves of punk rock dance back in the 80s.
    It's popular in bigger centers of France: Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nice. It's popular with the 15-25 years of age group. Sarko-Fasho would call them voyous.(bums)

    They remind me of a remark made by a shrink who was my student of English in Brazil. "Nordic people don't have sex. They practice calisthenics."

    I leave here a couple of samples and ask you if you think this dance will take on here in the USA. Yes, No, Maybe?  Just curious (Yellow) Inside joke for baby boomers. That was an interesting movie.  BTW, some updates on Oscar© in Universo Anárquico®'s top post. Just click on the links and see what gives. I was happy the Oscars were distributed around the runners. Did you see javier Barden and his mamma? I know, I KNOW! (Craig Ferguson intonation there.)

    February 24, 2008

    Yesterday Was a Reading Day...

    I read so many different blogs and newspapers and shrunk text media I am blue and about to faint.  However, I wanted to say hi to you all and let you know I have a great post in Universo Anárquico about the days when I lived with Mommy and Daddy back in Rio de Janeiro. We used to listen to the radio and mute the TV for teh Oscars©.
    Daddy's usual line was, "Zefa, look at him! He looks like he's my grandfather!" It was true. Daddy aged well and died prematurely. Mommy would tell him to shut up so she could listen to the broadcast. Then she would go off on a story on Liz Taylor's life. Mommy read a lot of Screenplay, Photoplay, all these older magazines pre-People.
    Liz Taylor brought about how horrible Debby Reynold's fate had been, what a drunk Richard  Burton was, and so on and so forth till Daddy would be exasperated and yell, "For crying out loud, Josephina!"
    The use of her full name would intimidate her. Zefa, pronounced ZEH- fah, is her nickname in Brazil. Mommy won't be watching the Oscars tomorrow. She is in a convalescent home, losing a bit of herself at a time, slowly, slowly.  Daddy looked  good  but  passed at age 59.   Mommy will  be  88 this February 29.  She's strong like an ox.
    I was fed movies from an early age. I love the  moving pictures.  So,  I came here today  to tell you to  visit the links in my  post in Portuguese on  stars and films.  I  tried very  hard to choose original  videos.  I  hope I succeeded.

    Now, I must go faire do-do. Monday I will show you the latest  moves in  France.  It's not  about Carla Bruni or Sarko, or  strikes.  It's moves, the latest fad in  the streets, literally.  I still think we do it better.  As Craig Ferguson would say,  "I know, I know!"  We fell in  love with his show.

    Hey, while blogging I watched Tina Fey's passionate speech about Hillary and womin-bitches. Go  Tina Fey and go Hillary!

    Remember to eat lite and avoid alcohol. Stay healthy.

    My tips? Okay. The Cohen dudes for directing and screenplay, etc.in No Country for Old Men.There Will Be Blood for cinematography, editing, etc.
    Javier Barden for best actor, the girl in Juno for best actress, and these are just my hunches. 

    See you back on Tuesday, I hope and forgive my typos, but  keyboarding isn't easy when one has hydrocephalus.

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