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    December 30, 2007

    All I Can Say Is...

    Please go to the NYTimes.com to read about a very controversial African_American blogger, whose frail health killed him a age 42. There is a great article about him in Tom Watson's blog.

    The most important lesson I learned from it is how different our personas on the Net can be from our selves in a daily routine. I am quite familiar with Harlem, especially with 144th Street and 125th, where I got my Social Security card, sitting on a folding chair, mesmerized with a tiny cockroach traveling on a Chinese man's leather jacket. That was in the days I though NYC was the greatest place where I could possibly live, 1981.

    There are friends in NYC I should call, but I am too weak today.  We are getting around to equipping the home for my new condition and voice-recognition software in on order. Soon it'll be 2008, spring and
    annus horribilis will be over.

    Peace to all, maybe tomorrow? Why not?Central_park Spring in Central Park, 2001.©

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    December 29, 2007

    My Sisters At Google: I Really Am NOT Dead, yet

    Everytime I open "Anarchic_Universe" on Google, my friend, I find a notice I am shutting down the blog.  That is not true. That was a fleeting idea born out of desperation with my keyboarding problemas. Soon they will be resolved. I will go back to where I started in the computer realm, a PC.

    My master's thesis is trapped in a black screen AT&T computer. It was written in LaTeX way back in 1987. It was on Paulo Freire's educational methodology, kinda en vogue at TESOL 1996. TESOL is a great  organization to belong to, its convention a dazzling event getting together teachers of English as a second or other language from all over the world.

    That said, I need not say I was not Ph.D. material at the time and later we had to choose who would pile it higher and deeper. I went for my graduate course in education and he continued his long pursuit for his Ph.D. We both did things the wrong way. I have a multi-colored blog, with blogrolls, he had no one to understand his ideas. His first advisor went to live on a boat on the Seine, the second had no tenure and the third guy did take pleasure in not signing my husband's card until he re-wrote it to this guy's satisfaction, a day before graduation.

    We never depended on recommendation letters. I walked into the school where I worked in L.A. and got the job hands-down. In SMMUSD, the principal knocked at my door for me to give her the data to take it to the board. The idiot who wanted to stall my husband is still at his samo-lamo job. I retired, but listen, my sisters at Google, Hillary supporters like me, I am not dead, yet.

    What you'll see is intense use of Firefox and Vista, with no vista and no view, a line from "White Men Can't Jump." Unfortunately, I will be using Vista so I can use voice-recognition programs for Portuguese and for English.

    Soon I'll be on a PC (a horrible thought) but that is the way the Apple bounced. They really meant it when they removed computers from Apple, Inc.

    I would like to thank André Marmota, Gabriela Zago,at new URL,
    Seth A. or swanksalot  at Flickr and Tom Watson, in true alphabetical order in Brazil, first name prevails. You've been really good friends, making this network quite especial.

    Have a wonderful end of the year if I am not back here tomorrow. I think I wlll.The_brain_picture Willpower is a great weapon for survival.

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    December 27, 2007

    I'm not Dead Yeat

    Tatiana, the tiger, at the San Francisco Zoo, threw more than a hissy fit getting out of her outdoor enclosure for tigers.

    I, Tina Oiticica, am not dead yet. My Kitty Carslyle likes enclosures and actually stays in them without harming anyone.

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    December 26, 2007

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    December 25, 2007

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    December 24, 2007

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    December 23, 2007

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